jude hill spirit cloth

almost february

I lit a fire

feeling it

Sometimes I stand there, thanking my lucky stars.

Sometimes I am being watched.

like food

A stack of larger cloths.  Because I love a stack of stories.

Bigger than I realized

I took this one, Balancing Act,  off the wall.  Put it on the big round table. Because I think, the table rings, the circles,  even just the impression of basket,  I need that to be part of everything going forward.


I love doing this

And here we go.  I will let the line disappear  when it meets the darkness.  Draw it in my mind when I need to.

I can do that.

I have learned to do that.


    • jude

      snowing here right now, not much, They say we might hit -3 here by the end of the week. Meanwhile it has been warm enough to turn the compost…

    • jude

      I hadn’t had too many further plans for this one till now. But that happens sometimes after a break from looking. I like its odd balance. The planned patchwork center appliqued to the unplanned black and white base which was very haphazardly pieced to “feel” like balancing the dark and light with what was on hand. Then by cutting away the base from underneath the center panel, making it seem part of the patchwork plan, well I am just rambling, but oneness is a kind of balance that can be appreciated as a kind of process in the moment. Now the broken line… just thinking.

  1. I had to look back and forth between the photos and reread before I could see the the second photo was not a white cloth on a table with a corner. I really like that the line on the black part is imaginary. Will you do your basket stitch on the drawn lines?

    • jude

      I do like the strangeness of the black and white here. That it’s part of the balancing but yet can kind of catch me off balance. The disappearing line, a very cool thing to consider right now, maybe as an extension of magic. I will just stitch the line in split backstitch for now. Simple. To make the mark more visible. Just that line changes the way I see this piece.

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