This is the Ragmates Page.  Although there is a private level to this site, this is a public page, only meant to make it easier to connect to those who read and or interact here, on whatever level.  A small gathering of travelling companions, not a club or a campaign, just folks, going, connecting. A path to how that might happen.   list me

You may request to be listed, removed or have your pic or info revised at any time.  I love seeing your faces.

I will shuffle them around now and then...


Hey! Only here to welcome you, spread the love. This is my place but you can click my pic to go to my old blog


Hi I am Michelle and I am still here


I have no words right now, maybe later

Deb G

 “I play a lot and think a lot and am interested in so many things….”

Helen Lee

In love with slow

Catherine E

I don't sell work but I stitch and dye and weave and garden and do paper crafts including bookmaking. I'm inspired by the natural world around me here in coastal Hancock, Maine.


“Writer, quilter, and collage artist living outside of Boston. I lead weekly writing workshops by zoom, garden, and try to figure out what to do with all the fabric in my possession.”


 me, after degumming four cocoons, full of peace, in the woods


I make cloth assemblages using bits of hand-dyed cloth and deconstructed clothing to tell a story.

Linda K

Suffice it to say, "Jack of all trades, master of none."  It's not so much about what I create these days ... I'm more aware of the biggest creation of all and our place in the universe ...  and the light within.


Stitching stories and self together.


'hi everyone, my name's Saskia van Herwaarden and I'm an artist living in the Dutch countryside. I spend a lot of my time in my garden studio where I paint and am entertained by my small friends in The Dwelling. If you want to see and read more here's the link to my blog Tales from the Birdhut and from there you can travel on to my webshop, website, insta......can't wait to see you there.  Image of a cut-out of my friend OBK* holding on for dear life *OldBirdKing .

Dhyana W


'still spiraling around, good enough' because that's how I feel in this moment.

Mo Crow

still dreaming of a world where love is the answer


 I write a blog to connect with others who share my love of quiltmaking, good stories, and the simple life of a country girl




I don't blog but do comment in the cloth community. I dye cloth from the treasures of the land, foraging the fields and cliffs here in New Mexico. Over time, the cloths created from these dyed materials, tell a story of being a part of a "living" landscape.


Greetings! My name is Jane Rhodes Hudak and am a retired art professor and mixed media textile artist. I particularly like forging and creating natural dyes. I also love to collect antique and ethnic textiles from around the globe. We live part of the year in North Florida and the other part of the year in East Slovakia.


’m a dabbler of many things, gardening, eco printing, textile art, doodling, beading, crochet, mosaics, assemblage, mixed media, book making and especially anything that has to do with recycling. Currently hand stitching my heart out! Visit my Instagram feed to see some of my things.  I go by the name of RecycledParts4Art. I have a YT channel and an Etsy shop where I sell recycled unique goods for other artists to create and be inspired.


I am new to Beekeeping this year.  I own a women’s retreat on our farm.  I love anything textiles


just a pic for now...


I’m a daughter of the StarBreather.  You can find me on Instagram.


Here is one of my textile works out of several other media that I work with.