This page was created to discuss any issues that might arise with using this site.  It happens.  If you have any issues please let my know by using the contact form and I will try to resolve the issue asap.  And post the solution here to help others.  Thanks for your help .

1.  (4/7/18)  a couple of folks had issues subscribing to the Feel Free NewsLetter , receiving and error message.

This could happen if someone already tried to subscribe to other sites, but never confirmed their subscriptions. You might go to page and Confirm or Delete all your pending subscriptions there.

Enter the email address you are trying to subscribe with on that page. You will then receive a link to that email address to check your subscriptions. Once you click on the link, it will open a page .

You can click on Pending tab and then either click Confirm or Delete buttons. This will allow you to subscribe to the Journal/Blog here.

2. (2/15/2023)  If you have any issues viewing media, try switching browsers.