jude hill spirit cloth

so the circle is there

And I am simply here.

such a simple change

It's still a curtain, not necessarily for this window, and maybe that will change.  I think it might be leaning toward  blanket/curtain.  A transitional sort of cloth.  The holiday lights are still up, probably I will never take them down. Actually I will probably move them out to the porch, they make nice nightlights.  I couldn't find them when we moved in. I always had them hanging in my studio back on the island.  Instant party lights. There are many kinds of parties.

So I tacked the cloth up here late yesterday,  (over the sliding doors to the porch and it was still a bit light outside) so you could see the circle I stitched after marking it yesterday.  And how it disappears on the black.  I like it.  So that's that for now, I will remove it after I decide what's next.    While all the while,  drifting back to the thoughts before.

the original pieced panel based on the extended nine.

Summer 2020, the first summer here.

as a curtain maybe I like it better this way, as  long panel.

Flashbacks.  The looking through.  The pinning to a large pairing of black and white. flowing

I might like it just like this, for a blanket.

Adding to the pairing,  creating a base  for the pieced center. A large cloth  is about layers of time.  And I guess that is story.

I love February, it is my cradle.

It's grey today. With a bit of snow which will not be much.  Big cold on the way.  -3 ?  eek. February.  Love it actually.  It's a slowing, time to gather new energy for a new season,  and to pile on the blankets that you made just for a time like this.



  1. We have twinkle lights in a few rooms all year round. A little snow here this morning, I love the hibernation of winter, a rest for the soul, and have often imagined us in caves down the beach from each other.

  2. sharon

    our lights are up year round also. a way of celebrating the everyday. love early morning “alone time”. a mini hibernation…

  3. (((Jude))) love your way of just going through the thicks and thins of life! We’ve seen you stitch through wild storms, the grief of watching your mother pass away, moving house, becoming a grandmother and today’s forecast of -37 degrees… that’s cold!!!!

  4. Beth from Still Life Pond

    I’m caught here looking back and forth btw the pictures of the extended nine patch as a + or a x. Cant say which I like best… but such different feels to them.

    • jude

      mostly it started because I was too lazy to take them down. I don’t even notice they are there anymore. They throw a nice light and cost so little now that there are LED versions

  5. Helen Lee

    I love hibernating time…I actually insist on it 😄 and our twinkly lights stay up year after year….I love them so….their cosy, welcoming.
    I will always miss a fireplace.
    This cloth particularly glows, jewel like, at the windows. Makes me want to fall into it…
    Your logs make me drool! 🤤

  6. We’re getting your weather a day or two after you. We just had the snow, now we are anticipating the cold. My white quilt is rolled up and ready to sleep with under my pillow.
    A curtain as a lovely memory keeper…

  7. Victoria

    I love those “party lights”. I may just have to invest in a few strings of those. Not much partying going on around here of late.

  8. Marti

    This time of fluctuating, days wanting to be warmer, nights still dipping down into the teens and twenties and as a result, “morphing” takes place…as in:
    was out in the back yard, lots of leaves, dried but underneath some still pliable, with various shades of brown and gold plus I had some red onion skins, put all of this m one of my copper pots, added a splash of vinegar, water, heat, wondering if the color would turn to green as sometimes happens, with this type of copper alchemy. Took the pot and placed it outside on my little dye table in the nook area of our patio. This morning, the water had frozen, the cloth lies suspended in the somewhat brackish, brownish, greenish liquid… I wish I could simply keep it like that, suspended in ice, hibernating under the cold icy water- ancient, jewel like, a crystal form of cloth…

    • jude

      yeah my dyepots, I will take a look when we freeze up. The walnut pot seems to love it. freeze thaw, freeze thaw. which reminds me, to clean out the freezer and make some brews. maybe today, thank you for the reminder.

    • jude

      Yeah, looks like a polar blast. Those lights are such a lift. Especially while alone, tossing myself around, like dancing in the starlight.

  9. Jana Jopson

    Rambling, resting, balancing, evolving … walking and dreaming on a spiral/basket
    path that only reveals itself as steps are taken or stitches are taken. I would say you teach the way nature tries to teach us… that’s what I thought of listening to the audio. May all the joys of February be yours.🙂

    • jude

      It is interesting, what teaching is considered to be.
      I feel like less of a teacher these days, and more like a person just wandering. Puzzled is more like it.

  10. Nancy D

    I love this liminal time of season, too, Jude. Right now we have bitter colde, thunder sleet…and a Texas Gray Fox who has taken up residence under our deck and house. Periodic raspy barking gives him/her away. Who can blame the creature…

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