jude hill spirit cloth

Mood February


I had planned to publish a Newsletter.

Suddenly my News seemed too small.


weighed down and standing.

Rock Self.

Balancing in a winter wind.

I planned to make this faceless.  But I changed my mind. I am in there, simply imagining myself as rock.



  1. Fumiko

    even the very smallest news from you makes a huge difference to me. all best wishes to you in this year of the rabbit.
    aloha, fumiko

  2. My first reaction is a smile at the worried little lump peering out into the void, encircled by the wind that might blow it off its base. Its heavy simplicity is leavened by humor….another kind of balance. The dotted “wind” is another balancing element and such a pretty one. The feather circle at the top catches my attention too and it takes a moment to realize that the white orb in its midst is a pushpin. I smile again.

  3. Nancy

    In a not related to weather way (It is already 50 degrees here, no wind to speak of)…I understand being a rock, the weight of that. I do love rocks so.

  4. Helen Lee

    Small news is good news!
    The Rock people are such good friends, same as trees.
    We were hoping to light an outside fire for Imbolc tonight, but it’s windy here too. I’ll light lots of candles instead.
    Happy 1st February from our house to yours. xxx

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