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February 2023 (talking)Newsletter

spin spin spin...

Just hello




This place





the deep hole I fall into occasionally

no words...


  1. carroleb

    So nice to sit in your company with my tea, faraway friends.
    I like this audio newsletter, and the weaving together of all parts of your life. Just a good catch up.
    I’m wanting to look back at the structure of your quilts and layering. I’m doing some exploration into Ralli and Kantha type stitching.
    Much snow here, spring still seems far off. 70 is looming for me in April.

  2. Joyce Leatherwood

    I love the 7+2=9 and made me realize I will be 63 this year which is also 6+3=9 !!! So embracing 9 might be for me this year as well. And then 63+9=72 – I can do it all again at 72. Interesting way to think about age. I am one of those lurking around and rarely commenting but know that I am here – usually a few days late. And loving your ways. I read your posts about teaching and have been thinking about it…. I remember when I first found you wanting to know right NOW – how did you do that??!! and searching through past blog posts trying to learn. But I have been learning from you for so long that now I can see your work in a piece and pretty much understand technique, construction ,etc. But that what I STAY for is the way you teach the storytelling part of it all. The why? and what if? The thought behind it. I realize it has given me a lot of “permission” from those voices I was raised with who said things like your stitches are sloppy, the back looks horrible, the edges are not straight and –= WHY CAN’T YOU FOLLOW A PATTERN??!! HA I laugh now. They why and how for myself is sometimes still a mystery but in this group I feel that I am in good company. And for that I am happy and thankful to be here. ❤️

  3. Sitting with my coffee this morning…listened to some of this yesterday morning and the rest just now. Really feeling my “baby” age after all these comments. 🙂 I am going to order a few more seeds, lost the madder I was growing and want to try again.

  4. Stephanie

    Enjoyed the catch up and glad to hear things are OK enough with you. I’m now signing myself “famous for being the same age as Neil Diamond ” (82). I suddenly felt my age in my late 70’s and stopped enjoying my own company during Covid. And the 16 year old dog died. But this year things seem more hopeful. It has been good to have a connection with you and realise how much we all support each other🙏

    • jude

      mostly I have noticed a change in perspective. I have less energy for certain things but I think it is a frame of mind. We are all different, support is often knowing how many things we have in common.

  5. Swell newsletter. LOVED looking at the “face” in the Just Hello photo while hearing your voice coming out of the coffee cup mouth. Another self. Sixty next month, wondering what that might bring.

  6. sharon

    looooooove the spinning self! she seems to be sayin’, wheeeeeeeeeee!!!”… lookin’ forward to your woven faces ‘n year of nine. how grandma may’s silk scarf re-cycles into the seasoned self so dreamily. happy birth month, nana jude!…

  7. Susan Crowley

    I think your idea for a treehouse is a wonderful idea! The land is lovely. That’s a dream of mine but won’t happen unless we move. We live a couple of hundred feet from the ocean so the lots are small although we are lucky enough to also have lots of woods nearby. It’s an interesting place. It’s a peninsula with a white cedar swamp in the middle of it. Lots of wildlife and hundreds of acres of preserved land thanks to Senator Chaffee. We enclosed our porch about 20 years ago. It faces south and is our favorite place to sit now. Thanks for sharing all your thoughts. Love to Soul-O.

  8. Thanks for all the various voice missives 🙂 I was rather surprised when you said that it’s been FOUR years… I know it’s cliche, but, dang, where DOES the time go? Soul-o… dear kitty, how old is he now, I wonder? I think I missed whatever was happening with neighbors riding through, but I’m imagining either dirt bikes or 4 wheelers, eek! Glad that “ridiculous chapter” has ended!

  9. Kathyd

    seventy was a big turn around for me too.
    mostly just making every day mean something to me.
    February is my daughter’s birthday too 1
    Happy Birthday ! and nine is perfect ( :

  10. Sarita

    Fun catching up with you on things! Feeling myself in a liminal space-“old” self to wissen self.
    Didn’t realize Soul-o was so introverted.
    Porches are good! We’re halfway to spring & greens reemergence.
    Stay well!

  11. Judith

    Wonderful pictures of a life (or two). Love Soul-O’s kitten picture; looks like he got into the cream. Companion cats are the greatest.

  12. Amy Kennedy

    Thanks for the close-up of Spin. There’s a lot in there. The beauty of the old and tattered.
    I was really excited to hear of forthcoming YouTube playlists!

    • jude

      Yeah, it’s about sleep for me.
      Waiting for the deep freeze here. They might close the schools because of windchill, that’s a first.

  13. Jen

    Wow, Jude!
    Listening to your conversations this morning has been an absolute delight!
    Love how you touched on all the topics; like catching up w old friends🥰
    A wonderful February birthday gift ( it’s our month, isn’t it! 💝🎂💖)
    Thank you!!

  14. Anita

    How lovely to listen to this on my lunchbreak, Jude, and hear all your news. And the final image -ohhhh! Stunning.
    Thank you for building – and maintaining – such a big and grand structure for us. x

    • Vi

      Loved the chit chat of this talking newsletter…settled in with my cup of coffee and your newsletter..the perfect break in the midst of my day.
      I too am a 9. On and off have wondered about this 9 thing…
      These newsletters are just the kind of news most needed…not the stuff we see and hear all around us…

  15. Suzy Hard

    Loved the talking newsletter! I have lived a few more years and so relate to your thoughts. Makes me quiet and comfortable in it. Thank you.

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