jude hill spirit cloth

one small journey

One day, moment, into the next.

appearing, disappearing, appearing...a winter basket self

to the Zone


A new Dot  (a basket might be a dot that can hold more dots).  An older technique, this is a form of Sketch Applique.

But everything can be new again.

There is always more to say. To do. repeating

Please note that more older content is being added to the glossary.  Including media.  If you are using a touch screen, touching outside the box will close it.  If you are using a mouse, moving outside the box will close it.  So when watching video, take note not to move the mouse too far.


  1. Carol

    This travel mate hopes minus 0 passes quickly. I can’t imagine cold like that. “Eek” just about sums it up! How many hand-made quilts does it take to stay warm?

  2. Judith

    Rainy day here. Can’t imagine your kind of cold.
    Comparing dots and spirals; spirals are going somewhere and dots are enclosed, wrapped around each other and staying still.

  3. Nancy D

    After four days of ice, freezing frost, thunder snow, sleet, and snow…the Sun returned, and I went out to photograph the Sun through the ice before it all slipped away!

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