jude hill spirit cloth


Just  heart  in February.

All the while thinking of how many ways things might be put together. Hold,  And fall apart.  The holding.  In between appearing and disappearing.  Holding. Is that really a thing or a sense of some thing?

A little Skitch Skatch then.

I added Thingness to the glossary today. I don't use that word much but I think a lot about it.

one heart, many pieces

I am working on a woven base.  Because it has been a while and I wanted to talk more about it soon.

It is very cold.  But there is fire. And the power came back on.


  1. Moki

    Skitch skatch sounded like jazz titillation
    So I clicked ❤️
    I’m being led to sketch on fabric 2
    2 fragmented by the internet algorithm to blog after many years Skitch, stitch and psych is this old woman’s scat
    ❤️It here

  2. What a lovely heart. I am imagining the center square as a door to reveal the white on white circles of yesterday. Surprise!
    I guess one never knows what a heart can “hold’. I think there are a variety of ways to hold. I use that word a lot lately.

  3. cherylg

    Love this so much – the heart on the woven base! I often describe myself as a heart person not a head person. I am only trying to say that I lead with my heart in life….. and I have loved the heart shape for ever. One of my favorite pieces is the project I did after your heart class. Here’s to February and more hearts!!

  4. Jana Jopson

    A woven base for a heart … loose, permeable, open to the flow. What a sweet heart to behold this morning! I wonder if I could make a heart? I adore Valentine’s day. Thank you … cozy and warm stitching!

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