jude hill spirit cloth

just to see

That's what  motivates me.

Just to see.

Simple enough.

the gift of water.

I could hear it.  A walk down the hill, just to see how much water has passed through the boundary wall to fuel the ever growing tiny river here. The water that springs up right out of the ground.  Probably some digging would  encourage more flow, but I would rather just watch this amazing process.

basket party has begun

Another thin embroidery sample, using a hoop instead of stitching on multiple layers as I do.  No reason except to see how it goes.  Because I usually don't use a hoop, I ask "what if?" I do,  The thinness is interesting against the density of the stitch.  The impression of the hoop,,, makes me think of a white on white dot.  And so, the basket dot, the wrap stitch.  And actually nine thread beads in a basket.  And another imagined dot ,so far. And I leave you with Basket Self dancing.


  1. Alice Zalik

    Oh! Sun shining through bare trees onto all those wonderful rocks, plus a tumbling stream! Pure heaven! Is there a nice bolder close by to sit on while you sew?

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