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Wandering off at the end of January

Wandering off is essential.

The exercise is freeing.  Mind and body.  The exercise did me good.

I like the disappearing

From the west side of the house, down the hill a bit.  I note how the house blends in and that we did not paint it red and maybe that's fine. That it's less "house". And just home.


not a grey day for a change

Rocks.  How I love the built walls and the random upheaval.  Together. The stream is roaring on the other side of that wall.  This has been one wet winter.

And of course, we still have February.  My birth month.  Probably cold and hopefully snowy.  I will be 72 and 7+2 = 9.  There is bound to be a story about that,

garlic on the forest floor

It's winter. But really, we know, it's already  different, the light, the length of days.  We feel spring. I planted garlic everywhere, after  the roof guy's wife was strolling through my garden last spring and suddenly said, garlic! Garlic grows anywhere.  And it does.  I planted it everywhere.  And there it is. On a warm January day.  Everywhere.

So a wandering day, when you free yourself from yesterday.  Just to feel it.

talking today in the zone



  1. Nicole

    Wondering does my soul a beautiful service, your scenery is breathtaking. Thank you for all that you share with this amazing clan♡

  2. Marti

    Looking at your free beast, my mind conjured up a spectacular mobile to hang over Bruno’s crib, made from many of his Nana’s beasties!

    AND a memory came rolling in of how, when our twins were born, not at all expected, we were college students, living on my husband’s GI bill and my college economic opportunity grant and $ was scarce. Still I so wanted our babies to have a mobile over their crib. (they were premmies, one daughter weighed 4 lbs, the other daughter weighed 3 lbs, 14 oz and they stayed in the hospital until they reached 5 lbs.) Due to their size, they shared a crib until the y were about 8 months, when relatives gifted us with another crib. I always had construction paper so off I went making origami peace cranes and a big yellow smiling sun, all attached by ribbons onto a hanger that was trimmed in yarn. My husband somehow was able to safely attach the bent hanger to the crib and our little ones looked at the cranes and sun. In a further note of magic, I have always felt that the peace crane origami mobile blessed our girls because as young adults, both of them lived and worked in Japan for several years…

    • jude

      Yeah, it has turned. Definitely. We have some big cold coming next week, but it wouldn’t be February without some blustery weather. I think I will free all my strays like this. Maybe have a party.😀

  3. Jana

    February is my birth month, too. In the Celtic calendar, Feb. 1 is the start of the spring quarter (Feb-Mar-Apr) with the spring equinox smack in the middle. 🙂 It always feels like magic to me because it still feels like winter weather-wise, but everything is moving underground and early harbingers are pushing up and open. Reaching for the warmth of sunlight. LOVE the tip on garlic —- would love to plant some!

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