jude hill spirit cloth

dot dujour

sometimes one is more than enough.

Of course, but for the record.

One.  Instead of many  thread beads.


  1. sharon

    how the red dot draws my thoughts to the beauty of the woven cloth, extending outward in all directions… like a meditation…

  2. Ha. We both sewed a thread bead! My idea was many, multi-colored, but after beginning the first one…well, that plan may change. Your solitary bead on a field of white is so calming. xo

      • my index finger is bandaged … stabbed it yesterday and now it’s red and sore … and I’m thinking of Judy Martin’s recent post about washing the bound paper quilt, how the red threads bled and she mused “just like us” … so yes, this simple, single bead of red holds volumes of meaning

        • jude

          and I have come to love the red dye bleeding on some cloth. It is so so great to be able to accept that. Probably I mentioned that the binding on the Heal cloth is sure to bleed and I can’t wait. Haven’t washed it yet.

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