jude hill spirit cloth

yesterday and today, repeat…


The snow began beautifully.

really I wanted the snow to stay for a change

This morning, after rain all night.  Another tiny spring.  Big Cold is approaching. This has been such a strange winter. We undid the offer we made to the neighbors to walk and ride their ATV through the property, which was made during the deep covid time when their kids were home from school and stuck in the small  property with no outlet. I spoke softly, about the need for privacy. The need to leave the nature undisturbed. The need for Soul-o to be less terrorized.  And then about the neighbors out back, that they don't like the idea at all.  I shared the thoughts we have of building a guest cottage in the woods.  And the fear that someone might be injured by falling trees or whatever and the responsibility in that.  And it was ok.  There was quiet respect and understanding. I had hoped for that.  They have a new dog, named Maple.  She likes me.

And yesterday this one felt a bit confusing.

becoming an ancient one

Today, I look, and only after a bit of work, it has reached Tapestry level.  There is a Oneness. Seemed to happen Suddenly.  I know better.

I am talking to myself today, which means I will probably talk to you tomorrow. Time for things to sink in.


  1. Judith

    A blessing to have good neighbors. I have lived here for 37 years and have had all kinds. Good ones are rare.
    I love your tapestry– it’s kind of like an I Spy; I see a dragon’s foot emerging to the right of the cats eyes. I see possibilities in the patterns.

    • jude

      she is small, fenced in because of coyotes etc. But I am allowed to take her for a walk… A retriever and collie mix, the color of syrup.

  2. Corinne

    I’m glad you came to an understanding with the neighbors. ATVs are noisy and disturb the Peace. Loving the evolving tapestry, such a beautiful word.

  3. Amy Kennedy

    The work as presented in the photo as it appears in my browser is already striking, but when I open it in a new tab and zoom in…..WOW!! All of the fitting around the existing patterns with little bits of fabric and stitching. I hope to have the patience to do this someday. That moon!
    Have you spoken at all about the black-and-white 8-patch? Is this a new direction from the 9-patch?
    PS. I received Dots#2 yesterday. Even more beautiful than in the shop photos. Thank you!

  4. Suzy Hard

    Your wording always speaks to my heart. The little red dots cause me to stop and contemplate. It leaves me with soft, thoughtful, warmth, peace and quiet. Thank you for that moment.

    • Karen Burnett

      Oh my goodness, what a treat . . . thank you Suzy for your comments on the little red dots – I was curious what you meant and took a second look. I had no clue that if I hover over the word with my mouse that more thoughts are shared by the fabulous Jude.

  5. Nancy J Duncan

    Good considerations, all around, Jude. Our neighbor recently purchased the wooded property next to us and, knowing how much I love its undisturbed existence, asked me to walk it with to review what could be removed without affecting the wildlife. I greatly appreciated his willingness to do this, and the trust he put in my advice.
    Always goode to talk to yourself, Jude, especially if you are looking for intelligent conversation!🙂

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