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Good Morning

It seems such a privilege, in these days... to be sitting here, just sitting here, stitching.  Not in terms of what's happening here, but what is happening everywhere.  I got so lost in complaining about such stupid things.  Yesterday, I was working on the Mothering Cloth.  Today it is my mother. As I remember how she used to say, "Don't worry, something will come of it."

Something. Can be anything.

more than one way to turn a corner

Some new loose thoughts on framing this morning.  What if a thought is a frame? Reconsidering then, a reframing.

The scaffolding is still up,  limits the view, but the man fiddled a bit with the old wicker lampshade that was here when we moved in.  Put a globe cover over the lightbulb and now it is a bit like the moon in a basket, yes?  Distracts me a bit from the goings on.  And perhaps inspired a new symbol.

The construction here should finish this week.  Thank you for those who sent photos and words for the Ragmates page, now in the sidebar.  I have begun the rebuilding, slowly.  I will begin posting again in the Forever Zone again this Wednesday.  Things seem to be going again.  The temperature dropped about 40 degrees overnight. What a relief.


  1. sharon

    how a frame can become a reflecting pool. or a projector screen. a created place for the imagination to play. love how the man’s creations magically appear.

  2. Jen

    I’m volunteering at a bookmaking studio today. Getting ready to remix my palate. The inks dried up during Covid lockdown. It’s like starting over. I’m completely grateful for this life.

  3. good morning, Jude
    i could only look at the utube for a second , then it quit, says try
    again later as the whole of my internet says lately
    but your Mom’s thumb press….

  4. Loving the moon in a basket.. ha, I just read the other comments. Everyone loves the moon in a basket 🙂 Connection is a wonderful thing, everything hanging together by a thread.

  5. Jeri

    I was just saying something similar to my husband this morning… well how we take things for granted. It’s so nice that you noticed how fortunate you are to be sitting and stitching.
    Even in tough times there’s always something to be thankful for, you just have to be open to receive.

  6. Glad the temperature is more comfortable. It was a glorious weekend here, got to celebrate the good moments and the ability to reframe. 🙂

  7. What if everything was held by a basket? Love the lamp, light shining through. Will be about 87 here today. I can’t seem to cool off. I am not looking forward to summer or more heat, shall I say. Your lil triangles remind me of a dinosaur.

  8. Jana

    A moon in a basket … an orb of light held gently. What is it about baskets? I once had so many … they have gone on to others now. I have one very large basket with handle that is over a hundred years old that my mother slept in as a baby. It holds blankets now. Holding but not closing off with a lid, letting light and color peep through the weaving. Happy for you to have the “new” lamp and cooler temperatures.

  9. Jen

    Somehow I missed the ragmates words/pics thing? Can we still join in, how do we?

    Love the edging stitches and “moon-in-a-basket” idea!!

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