jude hill spirit cloth

The puzzle piece

A magic-dot.  Magic Dots.  A componentThey go way back.  Found in  a basket this morning.  Imagine many of them, very many.  All stitched together.  A quilt might be as simple as that.

This one is a bit messy. But it holds together.  I thought today, in a way, it is a self portrait.  A stray self. What if stray selves are also building blocks?  I can pretty it up a bit, but sometimes that doesn’t matter.  Mostly.

3 ” square-ish.  Will fit together with a lot of other stray selves here as well.  That’s how it goes.

The porch skylights go in tomorrow.


  1. Vicki Fitzgibbon

    Good Morning Jude! What is Magic Thread? Is there a link for this? I have seen it mentioned more than a few times and am intrigued

  2. Dhyana Winant

    Hello, Jude, I am interested in dyeing blue some cottons and linens in small amounts . My tiny apartment insists that any dyeing remain confined to the kitchen sink. Maybe you will teach dyeing sometime, or maybe you could tell me where to find a simple solution .. ?
    Thank you for your lovely posts. I read your email last because it’s the best.

  3. sharon

    a dot diary? is there a link? soooooooooo excited about your skylights!!! can hardly wait to (s)eeeee them!!! love circles. especially the one you’ve create here! xox

  4. Love circles. I go back and forth on whether to draw it in thread first or stitch around the appliqued dot, both have their joys. Your dots led me to finding you and this place. Still have the article, and the memory of seeing them and reading, and thinking, “WHO is this?! HOW do I learn more?!,” and a door opening up…

    • Jana

      Hazel, I had a similar experience of “meeting” Jude. I was on Pinterest reading about the Feather Project and thought, “WHO is this?!” (actually, what Jude wrote about her relationship to cloth moved me to tears).

      Doorways …

  5. jess

    There’s beauty in honesty and rough edges. I don’t see rough edges here, but the thought reminds me of the ‘stray smiles’ I see throughout town.

  6. jeri

    OH MY GOSH! I love Puzzle Pieces AND Circles! Fantastic combination! I will make some circles using moms clothes! When I get home again. I brought some penny circles to keep my hands busy while away (looking for a house) . I’m putting a heart in the center instead of the smallest circle.

  7. Helen Lee

    I think I remember you used wax crayons at one point? Ironed them?
    Love things a bit messy…you helped me get rid of the ‘perfection’ trap. Grateful for that…and countless other things too 😃

  8. CJ

    Craving simplicity these last couple of weeks. Think I’ll add a dot or two to my stash! Let the sun shine down on you! 🏡

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