jude hill spirit cloth

Humidity, Humility and Hey Ho

A Newsletter of sorts...

It is humid. Like more water than air.

Newborn slug

Something this small. tiny

A garden shrine

Michelle became a vessel a while back... oh michelle

sing it all, and keep singing

Singing Woman up close... just go

The link to the New Ragmates Page/PlaceKeeper is below.  I will put it in the sidebar later today.  Some of you have contacted me, I will get back to you,  slowly gathering myself back to the level of activity that I need.

The Ragmates Page


  1. Valerie

    I just love this post – so like the Jude I have gotten to know over these past many years. I’ll be looking for you happily every day. Love your « Woman «  too.

  2. Found one of those little guys in the lettuce yesterday. Singing is a very good thing. Today I especially like Singing Woman’s hair, it’s like a tree trunk.

      • She Facherty

        Hey, it’s you!
        With a smile and a song.
        I feel out of the Michelle loop, though much watching of your YouTubes helps my befuddled brain.
        My old man has watched along so many he might be able to stitch along also!
        Off to water son’s dry garden … no rain here.
        Love Sue

  3. sharon

    love seeing your daily posts. hearing them is bonus. how is soul-o handling the porch repair? do u sing to him?

  4. Jen

    Hey, ho! Tralalalala!!
    Sing, everybody now!
    (& fill some shallow cat food cans w beer, slugs love it) or, diatomaceous earth ….)
    Not sure why it feels like the dog days of August in
    May, but …yeah.

  5. Helen Lee

    Hey little guy….leave some for Jude and the Man ok.
    Hey Michelle…Love in the Mist…..and Ragmate 💙
    Hey Jude….I’m with you on quittin’ bitchin’…so fed up of my own voice….it’s time to SING 🙆🎶
    Glad you are happy today 💙

  6. Jude~ Tiny is cute, eh? But, yes, not best for growing for you two to use/eat!
    Today, I see in the Singing Woman her magnificent hair and woven torso…sing on!
    Lastly, it is really sweet to see the Ragmates pics and self-chosen words.
    So nice to be here with everyone. ❤️

  7. Thank you for sharing your happy mood. May it rub off on me! Trying to move toward more happiness here, why not. We pick slugs off our baby plants by hand twice a day, and feed them to the chickens. We don’t have “millions” I guess, so it’s possible. We still have Maine’s chilly damp spring weather, I’m glad about that.

  8. Velma Bolyard

    oh, lovely. the singing woman is in your heart, cloth, in your garden maybe, too, maybe she’ll sing all the little slugs into joy of some kind.

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