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How are you?   What a world.

water in the air

Do you know what humid looks like?  Looks ok, feels not so great. It will be 95 here tomorrow.  Eek.

eyes like seeds

Do I have enough eyes?  I think not.  The eyes are seeds on the Grow cloth.  Working on more today.  I have a bad habit if planting seeds and forgetting what I planted.  But then sooner or later they show their real faces.

I would like to simply consider line one of these days, just line

And I just love this red line, waiting to be crossed.

I am creating a ragmates page, and a placekeeper, for here.  My old placekeeper is out of date.   Would like to be listed?... send me a picture of you and/or a picture of your work.  And a link to where folks might find you.   And one sentence about you. For starters.

Does everything seem awfully stupid lately? Or is it me?



  1. (((Jude))) That is a beautiful photo of your garden in the mist. Today brings great hope, we just had an election here in Oz, the conservative Coalition are out, Labor is in and The Greens scored a lot of new seats in both houses. The people have spoken, climate change is real and hopefully after years of government toadying to the fossil fuel industry we will start to change to renewable energy!

  2. That glorious tree looks collaged into the scene…kinda how I feel much of the time, dropped into a scene, whether I want it, feel it or belong…fading will be welcomed.
    And you had me humming: “And then you went and spoiled all by saying something stupid…” haha

  3. Vi

    Not just you for sure….yup…feels mostly stupid…more so on some days than on others:):)
    How lovely that picture looks ..it ‘hides’ the humid beautifully:)
    Here, temperatures have gone completely out of whack…40C(104F)..heatwave…all gone mad.
    So good to plant seeds , forget what and then…feel gladly surprised.
    All the best.

  4. Jen

    What!? You’ll be hotter than we are, now THAT’S “stupid”! Hah.
    Yes, so much stupidity going on, I’m just gardening and sorting cloth, in preparation.
    Staying home…unplugging…

  5. It’s in the 50-60’s and supposed to stay that way this weekend. Absolutely, positively perfect. That of course refers to the weather and nothing else. I’ll just call the rest a work in progress…

  6. sharon

    i like the idea of planting random, unknown mystery seeds ‘n waiting to be… SURPRISED! i think u need a little inflatable pool on your enclosed porch this summer.

  7. Bridget Ely

    What do I know BUT I’m becoming something I remember which is in my lifetime each generation being the voice of wisdom from its experience … money does not maketh the man springs to mind ( or woman ) it will be humanity’s undoing … this much we now know and.is obvious .. change is coming , this much I know … ( as a 60 something 🙂)

  8. That red line is beautiful, and the red dots of the flowers around it, and that blue beside it, and….
    Doing my best to ignore the world and most of the people in it, for better or worse, I don’t know. I’m a 60s person.

    • jude

      I used to be a 60s person but the man is an 80’s person and we compromised on the heat setting and now I am used to 70s

      • I jumped to thinking you meant decades! lol And I thought, yeah I’m a 60s person, wait how&why did the man become an 80s person – what was so special then…oh a compromise, we’re talking degrees here…okay I am a 70s person for sure and in more ways than one! haha

  9. Stupidity is rampant, yes. Very discouraging. I withdraw even deeper into my shell. Luckily, I have gardening. Lots of seeds to plant and seedlings to care for. It’s not that hot here in Maine. Still need a sweater or a jacket, how I like it 🙂

  10. Winter is making its last gasps here. Low temps in the 20s. Some of my trees are sluggish to break dormancy. Truth be told, I really do not enjoy temps above the low 70s, so I don’t look forward to the heat of summer other than it benefits my garden. And I do love my garden.

  11. Nancy

    I love your planting “seeds” in your cloth. More seed planting, less concrete!!! I’m worried about the Natural World…

  12. Flora

    I grew up in Chicago, we have a saying “Welcome, grow gills” OK maybe it was just my saying but it applies. At least your humidity comes with fog,
    Oh my yes, everything is stupid out there. I feel for the news people trying to make a coherent, valiant effort to make sense of the senseless.
    and so I’m off to wed the garden, Rain willing, I subsume my incipient and rather impotent rage and name my weeds after those I would mercilessly mock and ridicule, if ever we came face-to face. Not that they would care, or listen as I am “only” an old woman. Who cares what we think?

  13. jeri

    Oh I think everything feels VERY stupid these days. Housing, Gas, Food, now baby formula.
    It’s why it’s so important, I think, to take time each day to shut off and shut down. Shutting down could be a nap, stitching, a walk, gardening, anything that brings a sense of peace.

  14. Darcy

    Not stupid at all. I feel like things are sorting themselves out right now and it will calm down in it’s own time. We all have our own timelines and it’s best we work in the time that’s good for us. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that humidity calms down some.

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