jude hill spirit cloth


got chips?

Wood chips. 

path making, is everything that?

There is no denying that  May keeps me outside. The mountain of chips seems to be endless.  I even like it as a landscaping element.  I have used them to start some paths into the wooded areas as well as fill in the the garden walkways. I left another planting strip near the fence which has given me tons more room and a built in trellis.  Grapes have been planted on the side that will not throw shade into the rest of the garden. Still insects and slugs and birds eat certain things,  and I will  not care. They have to eat too.

lupine blooms

You can see there is no shortage of rain here. This the first time the lupine has bloomed.  They come up wild here and there, but with the loosening of the soil with compost they look awfully happy.  And the plant is just spectacular after a rain.

shelter from the storm

We are mostly closed up.  Trim and gutters tomorrow.  But skylights are a little late, made to order, so next week, next week they say, we will be done.  We reduced the overhang and exposed the beams,  less materials to rebuild.  Less places for wasps nests. I decided to paint the ceiling white, myself, (they painted the parts I cannot get to without scaffolding) to save money, and to leave the old screening, good enough.

spinning growing

The cloth called Grow came off the wall for a grounding ceremony, indoors on this rainy day.  I gave it a little spin.  Needles threaded. Time to let it be a season's story.  I guess I have re-emerged, ready to continue.  I sent out a newsletter to those of you who are members of the Forever Zone. Yesterday.  I  outlined the beginning of a new format which centers around a monthly focus.  I have posted an updated version here with some talking I needed to do.

to the Forever Zone Newsletter for May, updated.



    • jude

      they do, hard to discourage weeds here, even with cardboard underneath, but getting there, so cushiony and the birds are always finding snacks in them.

    • jude

      it is, but lots of rain may delay things.
      Grow will be a good summer companion. I say summer because although it is still spring, it might be close to 98 degrees tomorrow! eek…

  1. Jana

    Lupines growing out from a star like the Grow cloth.
    Miss Rumphius – Story and Pictures by Barbara Cooney, lovely children’s book based on true story about a woman who planted lupines.

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