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We Need Strange

I don't need to name her.

She is different.   I have not named her.  She comes each morning to find grapes  along the Wild Wall.   The fox grapes were there,  growing on a broken fence, mixed with a lot of invasive vines and such.  The tree guy said, "I can clean all of that out for you..."  But it is filled with life.  I throw all the brush there, after storms,  rotted wood, stuff too big for the compost. The grapes grow right over it come spring.  She keeps it trimmed. She listens when I talk.  She comes close. She is simply not bothered at all by my presence.  She stands steady.  I was shaking with excitement and didn't take the best photo.

A strange knowing seed.

I liked those crazy eyes from that little cloth I called   A Strange Knowing.  I added one to the cloth I call Grow.  Suddenly I felt the need to  clarify that.   A Strange Growing, I can call it that  now.  I guess that makes it part of the Strange Series.  This makes me more excited about continuing.  This is a Forever  Blanket.  Already big enough to sleep under.  I want to add something to it every day.  At least a little something.  New.   I found another cone of Magic Thread in a scrap basket,  I thought I was running out.

Nine things: ( A make-do Newsletter)

  1. I went back to coffee. Strangely, I think it is good for me.
  2. I am not sure how much I will be here on the blog this month.  Gotta be here and there, doing this and that.  Maybe just Instagram. As a note, what I post on Instagram, it is automatically shared on Facebook.
  3. Soul-o is really healthy and loving it here.  He has become a bit chubby.
  4. The garden is mostly flowers and herbs at this point, the things that just grow,   but there are cucumbers, tomatoes and eggplants  a little late coming.  Grapes, well, sort of.
  5. The teaching thing here is a bit on hold as I sort out some video making changes but I am rethinking the Forever Zone...
  6. The shop is sort of just a random thing for summer, announcements are mostly made on  Instagram now.   Really I am just dropping stuff in now and then.
  7. It's time to start stacking wood for the colder months, assuming there will be some.  Wondering keeps me alert.
  8. Weaving is on my mind but  that's about it at the moment.
  9. I'm thinking about "book" again.  In my own way.



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  1. I came upon a bit of your magic thread when I pulled out the silk floss for my family sampler … I think I’ll stitch it into My Heart’s Compass …

  2. Your title reminded me how, when we were growing up, my siblings and I all considered being called “weird” a complement. We were always encouraged to follow our own paths, and not to accept the popular just because it was popular. “A Little Strange” sounds lovely to me. As does “A Strange Growing” (is that how I grew?) And really, anything new to us, especially the unique, is at first a little strange.

  3. Marilee

    Your deer friend is beautiful. She must know she’s safe with you. I like that you are not disturbing the wood’s edge and this is your reward.

    • jude

      the edge of worlds. That is where we meet the strange. That wall has so many creatures. I saw a snake yesterday. Saw me and went right back.

  4. Debra A Price Agrums Sposa

    Hi Jude, I was organizing all my favorite goodies yesterday and ran across a watercolor teacup you had sent me years ago, with a little note ion th back. It has faded a bit but I’m still in love with it. Put it in a book I made this year for things like this. So when I read the word book in your post I screamed to myself, YES!!!! And done in your watercolor way.

    Love your sweet deer and how she listens to you and is not afraid.

    • jude

      the watercolor way, I like that.
      I remember.
      I love when the paint fades.
      Fear is so confusing. But survival often depends on it. I want to think about that today.

  5. sharon

    ooooooooH… what mind-blowing dreams, sleeping beneath A STRANGE GROWING! …and how another cone of MAGIC THREAD appeared to let y’know there’s always more than enough… and the DEAR ONE, so at home on JUDE’S HILL! as hendrix used to sing, “scuse me while i kiss the sky”!

    • Cj

      The Earth’s creatures love you so much. I’ve been in moving mode and total anquish. I want settled but are we ever. Simplicity is key, grab all the grace in your day, share when you can and I’ll be forever grateful I get to peek into your world. Sixteen to the keys to my new home. Hell yes! Thank you always, I save everything in my head or best I can. 🤗💞

        • Sue Facherty

          You seem to have found a sense of peace in strange. I am looking for acceptance of and comfort in it.
          It’s a gift when such a creature trusts your presence.
          And coffee – yes! Yet to find anything to compare.

  6. Judy

    Deer sightings, I was right there with you reading your message. They’re so special! If they pause when they see me I always tell them to run when they see anything that looks like me. It seems that you’re settling into your new place.

  7. Pam S.

    Beautiful deer photo 💙 I’d be shaking with excitement too!
    Your dots just keep growing more and more interesting… keep going! 💙

  8. Carla

    I do really hope you get to do your book. I think many of us look forward to seeing it. I understand about trying to settle and keep thoughts together. I think it’s just part of aging. Maybe it’s a good thing that we just get to let it all go at some point after having to keep it together for so many years.

  9. We have deer here in our woods. They don’t run from me on my morning walks. They make eye contact when I sing to them…they seem appreciative of my creaky voice. Maybe it’s curiosity…

  10. Nancy D

    Book? You have captured me with that one word!
    Beautiful picture of your Deer friend there on the Wood’s edge… I like that you left the Woods edge alone!
    A Strange Growing…the green is deep with Woodland.

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