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Leaning in

The art of the embrace.

I was thinking about the balance involved.  In leaning and not losing your balance.

the 3 of me and how we become like a flower.

And then how it is a kind of building.  The resulting form.  If you take the time to look.  How that form might  be a path to many new forms.  Which is how form evolves.  I wondered for a moment if anyone else considers these things?  And then wandered off, looking for a pencil, thinking what difference does it make.  ?

a beautiful blur

First I suppose. I thought, not sure why...  leaning too far in too quickly might blur your vision.  Probably because this photo came out like this.

Then I jumped to the hug,  and saw here, since these were stray selves, I saw me hugging myself and that made me see great usefulness in breaking myself down into stray moments.

But then the form itself, the leaning.  A sort of directional building.  And the ultimate holding.  Holding that comes from the new balance as we let go of the older one.  The balance in change rather than stance.  Dance.

So I have my pencil and I am going to catch some more thoughts.  About leaning.

making it through

Mullein  dances with storms. Then comes back to herself.

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  1. sharon

    …”a balance in change rather than stance. dance…” and taking a chance! such a beauty-full description of the creative process. life itself. i see faces in the spaces above the three. they seem to be interacting…

  2. They are beautiful. Thinking of Greek choruses- how the many voices were the layers of selves, the layers of story. And the leaning of them reminds me of the best dream I ever had (30 yrs ago), of leaning into K., and knowing that I had come home.

  3. Maria

    Hi Jude 🌸
    I love those 3 🤗
    The simplicity of the shapes have a very restful feeling for me . Beautiful 💚
    Love your thoughts 😇

  4. Linda Cowell

    There is a dance between hugging couples as we age…at least for me and my man, not sure how far to lean…or rather trying to connect without leaning, so you don’t upset the delicate balance of aging bodies. Always a tentative dancing, of sorts.

  5. Judith

    Maiden mother and crone
    Your summers are so full of lovely green things. Sometimes we have gone 5 months without a drop of rain. No green summers here. I live vicariously in your photos.

  6. Your leaning selves had me right away thinking of the Tree Sisters I photographed the other day…and considered are these my selves? When I see your three today, I am struck by how straight and somewhat separate the trees in my world of selves are…and what does That mean? Mmmm? I liked the ‘leaning in for a hug’ thought as it evokes support requested, offered, shared – community, pairs – people wanting, needing people (or animals etc. – or even trees!)
    Yesterday’s walk had me seeing a leaning green plant among the brown…maybe mullein? I don’t know its name, but it was so beautiful.
    Thanks for the morning thoughts!

  7. Laura

    “Mullein dances with storms. Then comes back to herself.”
    You are gifted with words, and photography. I envision a book. You already have the elements in your blog/stories.

  8. Jana Jopson

    Leaning to shelter or be sheltered. Leaning closer to listen, metaphorically putting an ear to the ground. Leaning to gain purchase. Look forward to hearing more …

  9. I am still thinking about how when we lean towards something, we are leaning away from something else…. And that I need to brace my plum tree, it is leaning to far into the gate.

  10. Nancy D

    Ah! The Snake makes the Mullein its green home, soft magic. The leaning, to me, gives the Stray Selves a sense of movement, despite their stationary stance…

  11. deemallon

    If didn’t consider before, I do now. Mostly about how putting one thing next to another changes both things. Into a third thing.

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