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Summer Blues

There is a lot of blue here.  A lot of indigo dyeing going on right now.  Cooler weather will be here soon.  I need new components.  These simple little indigo patches have become a complex language system for me.  And I feel like I have run out of words.  I have been leaning toward something more painterly.

And I have been thinking about Mood.  How Drama is a  tool.  Then,  a question arises... What if simple is kinder, more honest, less selfish than drama?

Blue can be happy or sad. Or even in between.  Drama Queen meets Simple Self.



joy ride

Considering, or reconsidering cloud nineJoy can seem simple but  balance is an art.

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  1. Susan

    “Drama Queen meets simple self” seems so fitting for this week and a perfect name for the lovely piece. I really connect with this statement and need to reflect on that a bit.

  2. sharon

    how time ‘n season can shift mood. the balance in that. the circular movement from night into morning into afternoon ‘n from summer into autumn… something about a large gathering of individual patches that’s deliciously inspiring. they seem quite happy to be together! ragmates!

  3. kathyd

    I have been thinking of making a small quilt . I started
    putting together small stars with indigo linen as the back
    ground . I want to add indigo moons & stars on an indigo sky .
    I don’t have a plan but a plan as I go 😊
    but I have to wait till cooler weather to dye yardage for the
    background . it is all a process ❤️

    • jude

      me too, maybe even a big one. I have a lot of patches here. I am thinking of calling it off grid, get away from my usual patchwork.
      It’s all a process, no kidding.

    • Vi

      Can’t help but be so amused at Drama Queen..red ears and all…

      And in the briefest of time, I have experienced amusement, wondering at what may be the curious, conversation which could be taking place between simple self and drama queen and then ….going home to peacefulness and quiet at Cloud Nine…
      My day has ended well. Thanks!:)

  4. Jen

    Yup, simpler…
    And ohhhh, I can see where the “fun” might be with this “Drama Queen” ooo, ha, yeah!
    All hail the Wall of Blues
    ( I stead of the Hall of Blues, somewhere in New Orleans lol)
    Love Cloud Nine …

    Want to indigo dye, but too damn hot to work up the enthusiasm…
    Begging for rain.
    City council has set no watering restrictions….
    But it’s ok for people to fill their pools 😤 and (over)development screams ahead
    Tired today….but Drama Queen made me 😂

  5. Jana Jopson

    Cloud Nine makes me think of the animated film, “Up!” and the house lifted by balloons.🙂

    Oh, how I love even the tiniest harbingers of autumn’s approach!

    • jude

      perhaps it is just a matter of how we say it.
      Our perspective.
      The wind has kicked up and it feels like September this morning. I opened the window and all those blue patches seem to dance…

      • Pam S.

        I wish we had some cooler weather! the feels like temp. is 101 and it feels hotter than hell in our house since worker are in our attic putting new duct system for our A/C system! Home problems always happen at the worst time …. ugh 😑
        Wish I lived in a cave 😁❄️🌬

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