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How it might go…

alignment created new form

thinking can be like making tea

Some old Wild Self  met Tea Bag Moon this morning.  They aligned.  And words came.  Jahcardz.  There are quite a few now.

For so long I have considered loose as a tool.   It has always served me well.  Mostly because it reminds me that life, and path are not a straight line.  And that any point can be the beginning.  And it is all simply about connections.  The willingness to make them.  And most of all accept them.

I am sure it is different for everyone,  the going and the fruitfull-ness we find in that.  I can only say that in terms of creativity, the loose path was the way to myself. I let my loose self/selves wander where they will,  and eventually they return to tell me stories of where they have been. Recently I have even stopped organizing threads and cloth and this and that and now I just have big baskets of loose stuff.  I simply pick up what is on hand and consider connecting it to something else. And somehow there is always beauty there.

In my tethered life I took a more straight and narrow path.  I worked from age 19 until I could retire.  Never thought a thing about it.  Just did it.  I think my loose thoughts made me Feel Free.

Still, as free as I might feel,  like everyone I guess, I have my safety net.  Nine. , the grid that supports it. I just looked to my left and on the wall...

This is a color chart I began, well, too many years ago to remember.  I can continue now.  With this basket of loose scrap beside me.  Or I can just think about it which might lead me somewhere else.  I did not really plan this post.  It just came together with bits of this and that.  They are always here.

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  1. Judith

    Tiger cats are my favorites, along with black cats, white cats, orange cats………….

    There are more colors than the ones we can see

  2. Stephanie

    I love the color chart just as it exists at this moment. The words “fragments” and “tentative” come to mind and yet for me it could be absolutely complete. It fascinates me with it’s beauty.

  3. Beautiful painting, and the color chart feels like scraps of dreams or memories.
    Life would be a completely different picture without having learned from you. The other day I heard your thoughts coming out of my mouth when a friend was frustrated that a creative project wasn’t going to plan. “It can’t be wrong, only unexpected, and isn’t that great?!” oxo

  4. Beth

    I’ve been struggling to get going again – I tend to get wrapped up in process, precision, etc. I’ve always loved just sitting with the materials & ideas but then some little voice says that I should “hurry up and make something”. No more! I’m going to follow your inspiration and just let things unfold for awhile. Thanks, Jude!!

  5. Vi

    Reading this post has given me the encouragement to follow my own loose path and let the selves wander …
    I tend to reign them in, sooner than their meandering selves would like…
    Truly enjoyed what you had to share.
    Jahcardz….simply wonderful.
    Something lifts. I think it’s a bit of relief , too.
    So glad to read your post.

  6. Sandy Carlman

    How much I needed to read, “Recently I have even stopped organizing threads and cloth and this and that “! I love organizing all my bits and bobs — but it takes so much time away from actually USING them to create something new and wonderful and life-giving. This post collided with my heart, opened it to a new way of thinking and doing. Thank you!

  7. sharon

    this post names the unnameable. seeing life as a loosely drawn line, where any point can be the beginning… these words re-birth something in me. like the color chart, reconnecting with a moment in time. allowing the unfinished to rest. to wait. until…

  8. Linda

    Before I knew it was a color chart, I thought that was a Papa Cardinal peeping around the corner! 🙂

    The idea of a color chart, btw, is another one of your many genius ideas! Thank you for all your inspiration(s) and thank you for sharing yourself with all of us! 💕

    • jude

      Or even not. I really said how I felt today, It came out perfectly how I sensed it. There is a relief in form that is true to the moment.

  9. Nancy

    I really like this version of a color chart…I’m always pulled in by them, by color wheels, by paint samples…the matching and gradiated look…the possibilities in all of these. But just that. Just they way they feel to look at, not necessairly as a tool.

  10. Jana Jopson

    Work loose. Make connections. Accept all.

    Brings to mind a book called The Untethered Soul.

    A loose book just describing bits of your process (even without any “how to” content) would nourish creative kindred spirits.

    Beautiful Jahcardz (had to figure out the mouth 😂).

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