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The Pairing


Pairings are part of my process.

When things get smaller than seems useful at the moment.  Or become odd shaped.  I connect them, often honoring the seam with some sort of symbolic holding,  and then throw them back into the Nothings Basket.

This one surfaced today.

holding and honoring

It's been a while and there are a lot of tiny pieces.  Today, pairings.  They are a very good reminder about  loving care.

And it is amazing how interesting they can be as puzzle pieces.

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  1. Vi

    I lose all track of time when I pair bits together..the sheer pleasure of seeing something else emerge. Delightful and often a doorway to other things…
    Love what you have done with the pairing.

  2. Judith

    It’s a nice portable thing to do; keep a baggie with scraps and thread in my purse and car. Restriction makes for interesting combinations.

  3. Jude~ I look at this pairing of bits, the little symbols added on and feel such a connection, such a sense of calm…my thoughts run to my habit of leaving surprises at trail heads. What if “pairings” was enough stitching for me? What if I “planted” them (or some similar morphed idea), as I do the CMB’s? Little “Pocket Treasures” to be found, to offer sensory peace…
    If I seem to stitch again, perhaps something like this. (((hugs)))

  4. Beth

    I’ve been holding on to small scraps of my handwoven fabrics . . . mostly just because I love them and they are all uniquely “me” . . . thanks, Jude, for inspiring me to play with them & see what they might become! Love this blog!!

  5. sharon

    love how you innovate classic piecing like 9-patch or crazy quilting with personal meaning ‘n direction. the painterliness of the subtle color gradation ‘n irregular outside edges. how each of these paired components retain creative energy. like seeds. or cuttings. savoring the magic of it all on this saturday morn. thanx, jude… x

  6. Sandy

    I love this concept- too small alone but bigger than 2 when put together. The visible bond creates the impression that a commitment needs to be evident-there for all to see.

  7. Margo Taskiran

    I love piecing very small, seemingly “useless” pieces of cloth together – they are not for any particular project and I have LOTS of them. I am finally able to accept that “they” don’t have to “be” for anything other than my enjoyment.
    I am SO happy to have come across your work and thoughts and I absolutely love reading your posts – thank you!

  8. Kristin F

    I so love your using tiny pieces to make pairings. It’s such a beautiful reminder of how much value there is in the small bits. Everything can be useful and used. Thank you for this reminder.

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