jude hill spirit cloth

It is all pairing really…

moon song

Even needle and thread.

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  1. sharon

    how u “pare” a thought or story down to its pure essence. the interconnectness ‘n one-der of it all. i’m in total aaaaaaaH…

  2. Marilee

    I do love these guys. They remind me of a scene from the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun.”
    “Patti: There’s something strange about these trees. It’s like they know.
    Frances: And they know that we know that they know.”

    It’s true. Trees know a lot more than we do.

  3. Marti

    It is all pairing and it is all connective or that may be because I am seeing spirit connections in reaction to the tragedy in Maui. Your pairing are tree spirits in my eyes and their thready branches are reaching out, across the globe to offer sacred healing to the beloved Banyan tree in Lahaina.

    We moved to Maui in 2002 and lived there for almost 2 years, renting a home upcountry in a town called Pukalani. Pukalani is not a tourist town but is known as the gateway to upcountry and to Haleakala, the dormant volcano in Maui.

    At this higher elevation ,trees dot the landscape, especially jacarandas and Norfolk Island pines, what I call feather trees because of the shape of their needles.. If you are so inclined, you can feel spirits just about everywhere in the natural world in Maui… My favorite tree spirit was the over 75 ft feather tree that stood in one corner of our front yard., Birds would fly in and out of the branches and I read many a good book and wrote many stories sitting underneath this tree. The benevolent spirit of this tree fell around my shoulders, wrapping me in an island hug much like the afternoon trade winds… I have just learned that fires are approaching parts of Pukalani….

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