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Things have been kind of fragmented, sometimes being on Instagram.  I am not trying to be elusive,  but I just want to keep going.  Social media is a tool,  it can be that if you don't let it take over your life.  So here, there,  wherever. 

There were some beginnings...

And then the piecing... the base


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My intention was to build a base,  maybe offer it in the shop, as a beginning. But then strange things happened.  I went along.  I thought about Eyes, eyes of storms.  I thought about our tendency to imagine  the world through our own eyes.  How we create our sense of world with what we have experienced.  I imagined how strange that could end up being.  Then I thought about strange and how it might imply that we simply didn't know. Yet.  I added the Nine, my safety net.  This time as an eye.  

and there are more dots...

And so...

A Strange Knowing


Not Knowing

How you never know a storm until it passes...

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  1. sharon

    love the weaverliness of the frayed edges, reminding us of continuation. perhaps the eye of the storm is the peace in knowing that this too will pass. the root meaning of “strange” is the latin “extraneus” (external), from which we get “extraneous”, or separate from the object to which it’s attached. how our thoughts transform our reality…

  2. Cath

    This is sooooo BEAUTIFUL!
    I love that you create beauty and express so much. There is a story that resonates with my feelings about the world. You have transformed the un-nameable and terrifying into a beautiful metaphor.

  3. Love this one..the imaginings. So glad that you went further. I wonder a lot what the world would be like if we were more comfortable not knowing, to be okay with not having to have an answer…

  4. again, it’s the expression of the eyes
    words say things, eyes tell Truth no matter what the words say.
    without the human eyes, it’s the Beauty of Magic
    i have no idea what goes on at Instagram so am limited

  5. Jen

    Lots of unknowing in the swirling eye of the storm…here we are!
    Almost done w my cloud forest…
    It is So hot but we had rain, glorious rain last night!!!

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