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With all the strange weather,  and a lot of goings on behind the scenes,  I missed it.  That sense that the season has shifted.  It is hard to tell what season is anymore,  except change.  Today I feel it.  Shift.  That reminder of how one  (no) thing becomes another.

bird on the wire... ha

life  in the valley


the power went down for a bit...

three stray selves considering base

The three selves are free for now.

And I find myself working on another small piece...

peace in how it is all one thing

Let's call it   A Strange Peace.

All the while, looking like something from Star Wars after some strange fly bit me on the forehead while picking cucumbers.

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  1. Judith

    The diffusion of screen in photos is wonderful.
    Three cloth spirits-in-waiting.
    My seasons don’t exactly match up with the calendar ones but I have always been off a bit.

  2. Joan Hinchcliff

    Your work always opens emotions within myself, so glad you share so much of yourself with us all.
    I saw “Strange Peace” and those thread beads reminded me of snow…it will be here before we know it.

  3. sharon

    love curves ‘n circles. the coming back ’round. a gradual shift. carved wood has a life of its own. perhaps when its thread is used up, a small weaving will hang from it. reminds me of silverstein’s “the giving tree”…

  4. Pam S.

    Ouch🦟 bugs rule here too! with woods and water near our house, and I always seem to have an allergic reaction to them more than the rest of the family. I keep Benadryl on hand…
    Love those 3 new selves! Even without faces stitched 💙

  5. Nancy

    You’ve reminded me how I enjoyed our bird feeders back in the day. Now I watch for them wild and free flying!
    I always wanted to learn to whittle 🙂 Last night, I thought of the driftwood I sent you and how good it felt in my hand. Left me smiling. I wonder where the 3 selves will travel to next?

  6. Jen

    The Moon ( it was So Bright last night I could not sleep!!) — love how it is sprinkling it’s magic through-out this new piece, and the 3 Selves!💚
    I’ve had so many bites this year; mosquito, chiggers, fire ant –ugh! ( Hope your “Star Wars” lump ( omg, 😅) heals quickly!
    Strange times, indeed.

  7. Nancy D

    LOVE the Three Selves, Jude!!!! They’re so expressive. Can’t wait to see where they end up residing!
    Happy Lammas, and a Blessed Corn 🌝 Moon!

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