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The Magic of Days

Last Night.  After the thunderstorms.

A cold front moved in.  The wind was wild for a moment.  Power went down for a bit. This moon woke me at midnight.

now that's a cloud

This morning... deep breath.


59 degrees!

who will I be today?

Three stray selves in waiting.  Stray pairings in the nothing basket, lost , now found.

I did some weaving yesterday, but not enough to talk about.

All I want is to live this day.

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  1. Jana

    “That I might know the innermost weave of the world, witness its dynamics and creation, and stop rummaging about in words.”

  2. Judith

    Little nothings waiting to be something. Waiting to see what they become.
    My mint blooming too. Looking forward to a big jar of sun tea.

  3. Beth from Still Life Pond

    Wild winds here early last evening too and some very welcome rain. Yes, to living the day. And there will be a whole lot of branch picking up.

  4. sharon

    yes, this day, the present, waiting to be unwrapped. the joy of waking to creation in-process. how it looks different than the day before. your post magically arrives, a shared gift of celebration. happy cool day, jude!…

  5. Bee

    So happy for the cool… that front last night swept the air clean and the windows are wide open and welcoming all that fresh cool air.

    Deep breaths.

  6. Nancy D

    I was pulled outside this morning before dawn. The Waxing Gibbous Moon had already gone down. I heard a rustling, saw a silent shadow in the Three Sisters, and then noticed the silhouette
    of two little Eastern Screeches sitting on a low branch over the Garden, pretty as you please! When I spoke softly to them, the spell was broken. Off they flew, one after the other, silent as the night. I love Life.

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