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Dot Dujour

Because I rescued a Lady Bug today.

another dot on the Grow Cloth.

The cloth I call Grow.   Maybe this counts as 9 dots?

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  1. Caro

    Wouldnt know what to do without “my” ladybugs since they keep my aphits in check.
    Same here, garden is so alive but i do let things grow, including weeds. Just watching that they dont take over.
    And yes, clearly a nine 😀

  2. Judith

    Very few lady bugs this year. I saw a butterfly yesterday; it was such a nice surprise as we see so few of them anymore. When I was a child I remember caterpillar season. We had such fun playing with the wooly bears. They are gone now too and I haven’t even seen a cricket in ages. My poor cats — no crickets to play with.

    • jude

      well I have quite a wild pollinator garden now, so many many butterflies and bees and humming birds and such. crickets everywhere, and tree frogs, so noisy. Soul-o likes to eat bugs, moths and beetles especially.

  3. Laura

    We haven’t seen ladybugs, either. In fact, we haven’t seen those hundreds of Japanese Beetles that had always managed to sneak inside with the dog.
    You always have much to add to your story cloths. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Marti

    Yes, it is 9 dots for sure. Many years ago, a friend gifted me a wonderful patchwork blouse, the buttons were painted wooden apple halves and lady bugs and I wore this blouse until it was threadbare, always feeling the magic of lady bugs.

    Today, I rescued an old cloth collage and breathed into it, a sense of season, the time of gathering and harvest. I’ve had to stay pretty close to home, caring for hubby as he deals with his health issues so not foraging out in the fields but the need to get my hands in my small copper cauldron, really it’s a pot but to me, it is where alchemy takes place hence a cauldron: what never fails are red onion skins, a splash of vinegar and my little copper cauldron that turns white recycled cloth into my favorite color of hope and healing- green.

    After the cloth dried, I pinned scraps and pieces taken from the original cloth; gossamer strands of goldenrod dyed silk, acorn dyed swatches, rusty bits and dark walnut scraps representing birds in flight over a dyed Spanish broom yellow orb, the moon… these earth toned scraps remind me that seasons circle around us and harvest brings forth not only abundance but gratitude…

      • Velma Bolyard

        maybe they’re all up in the north country, like they are each fall and winter, making themselves comfortable and swarming in our house windows. there are too many here, and they dive-bomb while you’re reading at night and bite. of course, they’re the introduced ones, not red but orangey-red.

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