jude hill spirit cloth

How it went, is going…


for hanging

The Heat Wave, evidence of that.

Chopstick plus that sharpie, the one that keeps going.  And then Fringe.

Seeking a Thinner Presence


Leaning Toward Transparency

Blackberry Lily,  coming and going.

And that's it,  Going outside before it gets too hot.

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  1. Judith

    Blackberry lily twirling away in its final dance……

    Love the little patchwork rug with streamers under the critter

  2. sharon

    amazing how a single thought can shift perspective. and mood. how the outside can become the inside. it brings a smile, u marking your plant stakes…

  3. Marilee

    Let’s hear it for the magic Sharpie! The chopstick trick is perfect for the hanging. With the fringe, definitely a Zen thing.

  4. Nancy

    Each growth of this one has me feeling even more connected. Feeling thin these days. The striped stick reminds of Graces striped branch. Nice.

  5. Pam S.

    Always a mood lift …
    Even when it’s too hot these humid mornings 🥵
    Appreciate your sharing nature Jude! that piece is hauntingly beautiful 💙

  6. Jen

    Love this piece and the striped stick!
    I have blackberry lily ( not quite blooming yet, sort of struggling in this heat 🥵 me too, ha)
    I mowed the grass in the near dark yesterday evening…
    Try to stay cool!

  7. I love your cat & veil. Such depth! And the black & white striped rod reminds me of the sacred Hopi trickster clowns, delving even deeper into my heart. And then the lily: such beauty even in the Going. Thank you.

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