jude hill spirit cloth


Suddenly, suddenly yesterday...

how it just happened.

Lost in some personal  wandering. Settling in and calling this one

Seeking a Thinner Presence


It started like this

the beginnings are often the same.

I jot things down as I go

a paper habit, the poetry of process.

I wrote the top line last waking from sleep.  I'm not sure I am done with  it.  I will just look today.   That pink thread,  woven in as stitch but not secured.  Could pull right out.

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  1. Marilee

    Life definitely wobbles from time to time. Generally, I think it best to be flexible enough to wobble with it. As to the thinness, we are better off allowing ourselves to be what we need to be as life ebbs and flows about us.

  2. Beth from Still Life Pond

    That exquisite tension between fear and need and longing. You have illustrated it here so tenderly. The eyes… It’s amazing what you can do with stitch placed just so.

  3. sharon

    your words, your cloth, fill a space inside me with deep understanding ‘n joy. o yes, yes, yes to the magic of appearing ‘n disappearing! the beast with wings of woven thread, knowing she can take flight in a moment. poof! i can not describe how much i needed to see ‘n hear this… x

  4. The new base feels like Everything already. I know that feeling of wanting to be seen and of wishing to disappear all at once. Both sides are too much, balancing is hard work.

  5. JayJay

    Thank you, Jude, and to all who responded –
    You help me see that I have been adding on protective layers lately. Not in a productive way. In a fearful way. You help me remember how the thinness of fiber and stitch centers me in ancient ground.

  6. Marti

    Sometimes the need for fragility comes from within. Other times, it comes as a way of facing unforeseen events. It is important to acknowledge these times; a stepping back, a pause, a shedding of presence and verbiage and I am speaking only of myself because I tend to leave long winded comments! I see this time as necessary to the cleansing of spirit, heart and mind. In doing so, I have come to respect and understand that these fragile moments only serve to strengthen us if we acknowledge them and give them their proper place in our lives.

  7. Jana Jopson

    Root in ancient ground … may it rise up through the earth and meet you on the soles of your feet. This is what I see the beast doing, making that connection.

  8. Nancy D

    Oh, Jude. It’s ok to seek a thinner presence. For me, I find sometimes the World is too much with me, so I withdraw…write or stitch…or work with my herbs…and walk in Nature. I become thinner as I meld into something else. Until I am once again centered. Be well.

  9. Catherine

    your words echo feelings in my heart and thoughts in my head, as Amaranda puts it so well “those are wobbly times”.
    Worrying about the future of life in this changing world when I can’t step in the heat outside without becoming physically wobbly.

  10. amaranda de jong

    Thanks so much for sharing Jude, these are wobbly times .Be free be safe be happy, my heart goes with you friend of the ether X

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