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Weaving Wednesday, sort of



aka Things Fall Apart

barely holding

This small cloth here, one in a series called Strange.  These are strange days.  In so many ways.   It is harder for me to be here,  and harder  mostly in my efforts to be consistent.  Especially in my focus.   But it doesn't matter.  It is all a patchwork anyway.

I called this A Strange Unraveling

Just a simple reminder that things fall apart.  And more importantly,  a reminder to acknowledge the beauty in that.  And here again, I find myself focusing on weave.  Maybe in a different way but gee I have so many scraps here that have begun to show how they have been holding together as they fall apart.

And then, as one thought leads to another,  I find myself thinking about the honesty  held in falling apart.  The revelation,  the renewed sense of holding that letting go provides.

I tried to tidy up the leftover thread in the last days.  In simplifying I find peace.  And so there is a new basket.  A new thread basket.  For bits too small to stitch with and tiny scraps of long ago that are becoming just threads.  This is not a new thought but a more obvious goal as I pare down and sort.  I addressed this  a bit in Considering Weave way back, and now, in my reconsidering, again. I will definitely need a bigger basket.  I should try weaving one.

gathering again

Little Bits of Thread...

I love this process

Today I consider the tangle. Again.

And UnDoing that.

Or then, maybe just finding the beauty in rocking back and forth.

tangled or entangled?

A more ordered tangle.  Weave is like that.

A tangle with forethought, intention.


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  1. I have one large wooden spool (craft store variety). I’m wondering how much it can hold?!
    My mother used to call that back of my little girl hair a ‘rat’s nest’ when it would get snarled. Your thread nest brought back this sweet memory. Untangling is so much better when not painfully attached to your head!!

    • jude

      I have asked my son to make some spools, but I am thinking it is something I can do, or maybe just use sticks.
      Rat’s nest was my hair growing up.

  2. Judith

    Life is patchwork; things fall apart and are put together into something else. Patches turn into threads, threads are woven into new things. Nothing stays the same.

  3. mes

    Such a lovely idea. I have found a small wooden bowl to take to my stitching group to collect our odds. Like an alms bowl of a meandering monk. I shall ponder how to use the collections perhaps to line a nest…..

  4. Debra A Price Agrums Sposa

    Love, love , love this idea of yours Jude. It’s reycling and brilliant. Thank you for sharing this with us. xoxoxoxo

  5. Pam S.

    Love the idea of using up the bits of threads! I was thinking you could also weave the little small bundles by just scrunching them together then weave then through….like the ragged look of some yarns I’ve seen.

  6. Marilee

    “It’s all patchwork, anyway.” My grandmother used to say that, maybe without the “anyway.” It’s been a good 45 years since she passed, but when I read that I heard her all over again. This usually followed her trying to undo some stitching error or maybe a crocheting hic-up when she reached the decision that she wasn’t going to exert any more energy into whatever she was fixing. I’m reminded of a beautiful tablecloth she crocheted for me for my oval dining room table. All the edges are rounded, except for one area that has a definite squared corner. Her trademark. I loved my Grammy. She was perfect.

  7. Jana

    Thread ends, joined and used for weaving … something so rich about that and fun to see the orange woven piece. Thanks.

    Any words or images shared are a blessing from you, so not to worry about quantity or frequency. A sip, a swallow, a gulping … all appreciated.

  8. sharon

    soooooo love your simple way of knotting thread ends together. and the tiny weaving created from them. gorgeous patches they’d make. and yes, i’ll follow u anywhere! x

  9. I keep a bowl by my work chair for thread ends and small snippets of cloth. I’ve started using them in stitching clumps down in stitch collages, and in the wrapped cords I make using the Saori art yarn winder tool.
    Now I’m going to see how I can use them in weaving little pieces! Thanks, Jude.

  10. Helen Lee

    Oh how I love you Jude Hill ❤️
    We are away, looking after the house of friends, high on a cliff overlooking the sea. There have been gales…eek, yet so exciting.
    There is a CAT ❤️ Who sleeps with us every night and loves cuddles…ohhh.
    I’ve been stitching your Threadcrumbs together, making book marks…I forgot to bring mine…
    How meditative, to sort and knot pieces of thread thread…then WEAVE them….

  11. Part of the process… I think we are always working on accepting that. For me one of the most beautiful things is the potential in something falling apart…there are opportunities and choices… Much love to you!

  12. Nancy D

    Stitch and weave, Jude, and I’ll follow you anywhere…
    There must be a falling apart, as it is the natural order of things. All things. Us, too.

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