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Remembering Mom, in her older age, trying to simplify.  In her case mostly to have less to keep track of.   Even so, she had long lists, trying to remember the things she needed to do.  I laughed when I asked myself What If she had a blog and a shop and a website and not one but two Instagram accounts, and a You Tube channel. And let's not forget Facebook. 

such a happy flower.

The weekend was glorious in terms of weather.  It felt like summer as I mostly know it, although I still miss the sea.   This year the Bee Balm really took off.  In fact I think I am leaning toward a pollinator garden, leaving most of the food growing to local farmers.  Still there are many edibles here.  It's fine. What grows grows.  There are tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic chives,  some slug weary chard and maybe peppers.  A few string beans.  Wild grapes.  Of course we are sharing with the critters. 

SO. I think I want to need to simplify my web presence a bit.  Simple might be just the way you think about it.  I will post an updated newsletter soon.

I am leaning toward a more painterly approach.

A base is a good start.  The cloud trees here became bases.  Room to stitch.   I made a lot of bases in the past days.  Some I might stitch on. Some I might let go. 

Or maybe they already have a sense of place.  Simpler places. 

The heat is ramping up again...

soul-o is cool

Getting used to it.  

The indigo vat is loving it.

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  1. deemallon

    Is worrying a decision? I’m gonna try that idea on cause it feels more like a deeply ingrained habit with a life of its own.

    I’ve recently decided that three Instagram accounts is ridiculous. So I get dropping one.

  2. Judith

    Cooling down to 94 today. The garden is now only oregano, thyme, and a abundant variety of weeds. Physically can’t keep up with it anymore; it’s how my body told me to simplify.

  3. Lynne Watson

    I’m growing just a few edibles-tomatoes, cukes pattypan squash, lettuce, kale…tomatoes are slowly leaving, but are/were delicious… I’ll put something more heat resistant there when they go… leaning toward more herbs for next year, hardy greens…I’ll see. I have several types of basil, including holy basil for tea. And thyme…greek oregano from last year. Volunteer mugwort for drying and herb vinegar, volunteer dandelions for eating. I used to get purslane, but it dissapeared in the last few years.
    Your thoughts and ideas and pictures have been inspiring me ever since I found you on wherever…I hope your presence stays strong, I agree with simplifying.

    • jude

      The herbs are doing well here, I do have basil in a pot. Mint, oregano, sage, lavender all are established here, planted and thriving since the first spring here. Greens, yes, that is my focus. So many wild edibles makes it so much easier. Simple presence is my goal. Just Going.

  4. I’m chuckling to myself…I’ve been “simplifying” for so long now, feels like forever…makes me wonder if I will ever arrive at simple and how will I know when things are simple enough? We’re up to triple digits, again.

  5. Jen

    My idea of simplifying was to clean out, rearrange, organize and pare down in the studio ….and the universe apparently other plans, Ha!
    The repairs continue, but we’re getting there…so maybe next month I can start the original plan!?
    Life is what happens when we’re busy making plans, yeah? Ha….
    Yes, I have better luck w flowers than food growing, and I’m definitely adding more pollinator-friendly ones!
    Soul-O is practicing his kitty yoga, mine do this daily out in the porch 😻

    My “cloud forest” idea has gotten more complicated in it’s design 🤦‍♀️😅

  6. Looking at Soul-o and laughing…Timber loves lying on his back. I have started thinking of him as my otter-cat. My indigo vat is much happier than my indigo plants, not going to be much of anything this year. Simpler is a good goal, one I am aiming for too.

    • jude

      Indigo along with almost everything planted is struggling. The stuff that grows wild, adjusting. The deer ate all the emerging wild grapes, I suppose they are refreshing.

  7. Suzy Hard

    I’ve said I’m trying to simplify so much lately. It hard to do when so much I do seems complex. So, thank you for saying simplifying being just another way of thinling. Takes the pressure off. 🙂

  8. Nancy D

    I like the way you think, Jude. I grow herbs, other pollinators. They struggle in this relentless Texas heat, but somehow survive. Like us. Lovely Cloud Trees you have growing!

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