jude hill spirit cloth

Just Building

It's been a while now since we are here.

The walls are pretty much covered in cloth.

Taking a few days to think about that.  Hey ho.

Have nice weekend

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  1. sharon

    the lower left cloth seems to hold moonlight. it feels like a dream state, extending out endlessly in all directions…

  2. Seeing all of these together feels soft and strong, and still finding so much comfort in the bottom left piece- home, trees & sky. I can imagine meditating with it.

  3. i think a lot lately about how we talk about what it is to “be in nature”,
    ….and how it is to become OF nature….the difference between….
    the Beast Cloth illustrates being OF
    so i would need to change the expression to a deepdeep love or joy or
    sense of realizing home

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