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Imagine that...


I didn't really pay attention, stuff sprouts in the cracks all the time.  And then I walk out the front door and poof,  another sunflower.  Tiny but still, BIG really.  This just too great. How it managed to begin and survive, unnoticed,

I celebrated by making two trees and then began thinking about scale.


look from a distance

look up close and through

Sometimes scale can just be the way  you look or think about something.  You can play with that in your mind.  And in that way you can change the context.  And build around that.

loose  scraps

I suppose I could make a pattern for this. If I wanted consistency.  But I prefer the free feeling of just building.   I have been free form seaming the trunks and using fold and stitch to attach the cloud.   How ever it can go, there are so many ways.   It depends on the cloth sometimes, the scale of the pieces or just the mood I might be in. Or even curiosity.

The weather is more human friendly. I almost forgot how it can be.

Like looking at a cloud, it can be anything...

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  1. sharon

    the resilience of nature makes me smile. how it finds “the crack where the light gets in” ‘n just goes for it! playing with scale in my mind is sparking all kinds of ideas. a bit like alice thru the looking glass!

  2. Judith

    So happy you are cooler today. 101 here; I’ll stay inside.
    I love garden surprises; never pull a “weed” until you see what it is.

  3. Lynne Watson

    I love volunteers! I’ve had mugwort volunteering in my garden for years now. It’s a regular crop now, I have it hanging all over my kitchen drying, and I’m already halfway through the first mugwort vinegar. Sharp and bracing. Takes 6 weeks to season properly, I should start some more.
    And the larkspur, popping up all over the garden, even though I only planted it in a big pot last year. Collecting seeds now, to strew around and give away.
    The heat is troubling the tomatoes, and the cukes are not as big or fat as they could be, but they’re surviving.
    Four kinds of basil doing very well, including tulsi tea (Holy Basil).I think I’ve morphed into an herb garden, which suits me fine, Whatever works!

    • jude

      The only volunteer here that I could do without is sumac. Grows into a small tree overnight. Smells great when it rains tho. My garden is slowly morphing into a volunteer garden. And so much of it is edible .

  4. Jen

    It was “almost” cooler this a.m., I’ll take it ( even tho it’s gonna be HOT today)

    I love the plant volunteers, and find that they tend to be the most resilient!

    I had another thot when I saw your title! (& I thot, how lucky can one woman get!?….two SUNFLOWER babies…..😉😅)

    I have started composing my first Cloud Forest

    • jude

      It was actually cool this morning, like 60. And it will br hot tiday but the awful humidity lifted.
      The stuff that just comes up is always stronger.
      I’m gonna stick with these clouds for a while.

  5. Nancy

    102 today. I’m hot and tired.
    I loved my sunflowers at the old place, miss that…so, thanks for sharing yours. Sunflowers evoke smiles.

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