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Dream Weaving on Wednesday

No new weaving at the moment but there has been a lot of dreaming.  I am imagining a woven version of a moonflower, as mentioned in yesterdays' post.  Probably I will weave the circles.  Dots.  Maybe in several ways.  Or maybe start with just one woven circle in the center.  Perhaps start with weave stitching. (older post but it is also in the glossary)

Before I try, I want too put another older video here, continuing with cloth as loom and focusing on a basket style approach.  I would like have it here to refer to as an option.  Of course you can do any of this cloth loom weaving without cutting the hole.   I like to play with free warp and stay thin.

another way to weave a circle insert

All of this is leading back to weaving components which I considered for a while and it seems time again.  More about that later.

I began 2 more cabins (they are so much like baskets)  because I am sitting by a big basket of scraps on the porch.  With the dream of making them useful.  Small cloth  becomes like a component.   And I catch myself dreaming about how one little thing might replace another and change my focus.  Dreaming can be good enough to take you places before you figure out how to actually get there.  And dreaming creates  another reality when you need one.  Know what I mean?

There is new growth on the avocado  but I doubt there will ever be fruit.  If I were younger I might really consider a greenhouse.  Or moving to a tropical island.  Or not.  Or replace these old screens, but then today I am seeing them as old thin cloth. Still holding.

I am enjoying this daily practice which helps my story mind keep rolling.

switching center

about 9 inches of new stem

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  1. Caro

    So much inspiration and so little time right now…
    But i do replay your words in my head while crawling throught the garden.
    So much food for thought and later

    • jude

      yes, it is almost like new eyes.
      the basket, I feel that the whole thing is turning into that.
      And real basket baskets, there is so much to work with here…

  2. Finding your moon cabins comforting and reassuring… weavings and your voice, too. And thinking how the weavings are like small dreamcatchers.
    Picked up some sock yarn in a colorway called “moonlight” the other day, for walking in moonlight.

  3. Judith

    I look down and see a hole in my jeans that needs a circle woven to mend it.
    Turn up the heat, put on a sarong, guzzle fruit juice, and be your own tropical island.

    • jude

      it’s raining like a tropical island at the moment and my world seems like a green house. I’m in the mood for weave.

  4. Jana Jopson

    “old thin cloth still holding”
    Like our physicality. Loved the video! Thank you for that spark that comes from witnessing creative process.

  5. Sarita

    Thanks Jude for the inspiration!
    I’ll try this weaving without a loom. A woven circle on my paper prints & paintings!!
    Have a great day!

  6. sharon

    picturing a “cat” circle inset with only 2 flaps brought forward for the ears… “oh, i’m bein’ followed by a moon flower, moon flower, moon flowerrrrr…”

  7. Liz A

    So glad you reminded me of this technique … after Considering Weave I made stitch-woven patches to replace some decorative zippers in a pair of pants https://imgoingtotexas.home.blog/2014/10/01/making-do-weaving-a-boro-style-solution/ … they have held up through 9 years of machine laundering! And now I’m thinking with a thin backing cloth this technique would be a great way to reinforce worn spots on clothing before they become holes

    Now if I can just hold on to the idea until the next time I can use it … ha!

  8. Elizabeth Godin

    Thank you for the wonderful explanation of weaving without a loom.
    You have such a connection with fabric and thread.
    As always I look forward to the pictures which are always splendid and
    hearing your explanations as you demonstrate the methods you are
    I enjoy the wildlife and Soul-O interacting with you.
    Best to you and the “Man”.

  9. Nancy D

    I love your clothweaving, Jude! I am planning on trying it on a hand dyed Salem linen piece…
    It takes me some time to brew an idea with its details…things need to marinate before fruition…and even then, the cooking continues in the making.

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