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Just So-wing

So it seems like summer already.

And there was rain finally.  Gosh it was dry.

easy days

Porch days, with less worry.  Clean air.  Gifts.

Considering privilege and it's relationship to making.   Time.  Freedom.  I mumble to myself.   "At least give some of it away."

Tomorrow is Anothe Day

Moon Cabins became a daily practice.  They hold/honor time.

There were Darker Days.
But, based on the information on hand, tomorrow will be another day.
The moon cabin format makes time a place for a moment. A place to rest.

Imagine holding time

MoonGlow.  In the cloud of waking.   That sense

of warm gentle light like a memory

that stains all material things.

For a while.

on the porch wall, a little wind blowing

And the MoonFlower, arranging time.  MoonShine I was thinking, but then, Dont' Be Too Sure.  The wind was unexpected.

there's that stacked running stitch again...

A circle from squares. Click to enlarge.So here is a map I doodled for making a moonflower.  Oddly as perfect as it seems, mathematically it is not a perfect circle.   But it works as one doesn't it?  Reminds me again about perfection.   I added this to the glossary under moonflower.   And as I look today I think what if it wasn't just moons.  I suppose we could make a flower out of any little things if we arrange them almost perfectly.


And what if I weave a moonflower? Then each square of cloth becomes a loom.

So.  Because some of you asked.  Shop updates may be less regular for the summer of 23.  Mostly, a dribble, unannounced.   You can follow on Instagram or Facebook    for bigger update announcements. The link to the shop is always in the sidebar as well as the Welcome Page.  And that is all I will say about that .  And thank you, as always, for your kind support.

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  1. Jana

    The center of the moon flower is so filled with energy — every which way and yet steady. Beautiful piece. The feather effect is awesome!

  2. jess

    Your post is a reminder to me to appreciate everything I have, and that I have access to, so much that I want those around me to have what they want and need.
    I wonder if the spider takes the time to consider how she wants the web to look before she gets to work!

  3. sharon

    the moonflower map feels like big butterfly wings. endless directions it can go. not in a straight path. “each square of cloth becomes a loom”. i’m filled with wonder this morning. thanx, jude…

  4. Corinne

    Love the soft light of the moons and love the musing of scattered seeds… May be French knots at the bottom or floating in the air. There is strong energy in the outward pointing triangles.

    Your musings are filled with positive energy. Thank you.

  5. Sandy

    This whole post speaks to me deeply. Every thing about it. Thank you for being so generous in sharing, “giving some of it away”, spreading light!.

  6. Thinking about the relationship between time and story. And yes, privilege. I love the moon cabins…and that there is wind in your story of a moonflower. I see scattered seeds. 🙂

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