jude hill spirit cloth

Never still

still going

The point is not to stand still.

Although it seems to help for a moment.  Rest.

And backwards, not either.  You can't.

And pushing too far ahead, maybe you are not ready.

I am thinking about circles.

How they soften all of that into evolution.

A revolution in time. Revolve, ReEvolve.

And this is helpful.  The kind of spinning that seems to give another chance to consider without leaving you to choose a reason why. Or worrying about when.

The gathering and learning in Just going.

This one no longer has a name.  I can remember it was Earth Weeping among other things.

No thing then.

Today I like the hazy base that matches the smokey sky that has just returned. And the Extended Nine Patch I just pinned there that seem to want to reach past it all.

And then the old weaving calling me to try again.

This is how I continue.  I talk to myself. Gather my thoughts.


Hawkweed.  Invasive.  Only if you want a lawn I say. The deer like it but it is more than enough for all of us.

The fresh plant is antibiotic.

And Lupine, seemingly as high as an elephant's eye.

we approach summer...

Just going.  To seed.



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  1. Judith

    Our hawkweed is blooming too and the deer haven’t found it yet 🙂
    I love the dangling tails of your weavings; adds motion to a mostly static thing.

  2. sharon

    spinning… as in spinning fiber together. the connections ‘n strengthening that emerges ‘n remains in the thread, as it becomes cloth. how the large circles of the hazy base give an ancient time frame to it all. wondering if dried hawkweed fiber could be woven into baskets…

  3. As I’ve said before, these works of yours are like an archaeological dig. More here than meets the eye at first.
    To live in a field of flowers is to be surrounded by joy!
    To live in the moment is to appreciate life.

  4. I want to add some lupine to the garden and foxglove too. Foxglove self seeded in my garden for a long time but then stopped. Trying to get it going again.

    Circles…always make me think of cycles and returning…a form of going.

    • jude

      A foxglove came up the first year near the wood’s edge, but that was it. I should look more closely, maybe some encouraging is in order.
      I guess we are a circle.

  5. Jen

    That’s a beautiful concept to think on….love the hazing background, the extended nine, warms this old heart of mine…
    Lupine! 💜
    ( Wish I could grow it, but not suited for here)
    Sorry the smoke is returning, ugh….
    We had glorious rain in Sat nite and now we need more…VERY hot and muggy here this morning….😜
    I might stay in and stitch ..

    • jude

      I like the endlessness of the becoming.
      I have a feeling I will be swimming in Lupine soon.
      Rain and cleaner air on the way. Muggy here too, summer bitch is rising!

  6. Rita

    “Never Still”……perfect…
    Your thoughts and words are all about the work …
    Letting your hands clarify…
    All about living……so freaking right.

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