jude hill spirit cloth

Hey Ho, go go go…

As it turned out the Sun returned and the smoke cleared. Air quality good this morning.

there is some of deb's thread in there.


weaving a darker sun

Just a closer look at the original cloth loom experiment.

Let me mention too, pick a hoop that really hold the cloth well, the ones with the grooves work best.


And the slugs stayed up all night making lace from bean seedlings.

Signing off from the "web"  for the weekend...

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  1. I love the Smoke Sun marking time…and the boro weaving is amazing. You remind me that I also did a tiny weaving on top of the Comfort Cloth for Wendy. I’m wondering what 9 ideas you’ll come up with?!!
    Hope your weekend is grand!

  2. Kristin F

    I so enjoyed hearing your voice telling the beautiful stories of creating with stitch and weaving. A sunny, between thunderstorms morning when fresh rhubarb pie was the best choice for such a delicious time.
    Thanks for the recordings 💜

  3. cherylg

    People often ask me, why do you do “that”? (invisible baste, baste, hand quilt parts of a mostly machine stitched project, sampling…) Now I am going to answer – so I can get there. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. sharon

    love the “sunspots” of thread bits shooting off from the orb ‘n the interwoven fabric strips. the saori patch makes my heart sing. so true about the investment of time ‘n passion in the making…

  5. Rain here, finally. Good for the garden. Thinking about entanglement and tension. True of any type of fiber making I think and more things too. Have a good weekend!

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