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When I first started  Art School, which I never finished. And then I took a trainee weaver job. Hey, I thought, it is ok,  let it go, just be independent, there are many ways to say. To build. To continue.

Cleaning out my Flickr account, I found this.  Probably I posted this somewhere along the way.  How many years has it been now?  And this could have been drawn today.

No, I did not finish college.  I worked, paid rent, while I still dreamed of being an illustrator.

But I am an illustrator.  I spend time to make my thoughts visible.

Thinking today about climate.  How it is also defined as the prevailing trend of public opinion.

I am rambling. we're fucked

Last night we crossed over into the NYC air quality zone for a short time..  Purple on the map.  Hazardous. Poison.

There is slight improvement this morning.  The sun is out and we can almost see it.

I could have waited to post this on Doodle Tuesday, but it seem to illustrate my thoughts today.

Maybe I will go weave me some sunshine....

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  1. deb

    1969 was the year I hung it up there, also unfinished, but finished enough to move on out into the workforce. I always wonder about how small a world we moved in, you, me, and Michelle Slater just a few blocks from the school. Did we stand in line at the deli together? Did we cut class in the same Wednesday matinee together? Did we stand in that art supply store griping about the prices of materials? Did I get on a crosstown bus as one of you got off?
    A wonder in such a huge, seething place.

  2. Judith

    Around 70 years ago the Kingston Trio sang “there’s rioting in Africa, there’s strife in Iran” ……..some things never change; it seems we never learn. During a couple of the California fires we couldn’t see the houses at the end of our street; had three air filters running 24/7 for a couple of months. I’m putting my hope in the young people who are learning to be more aware.

  3. Vi

    Yes..to take the time to make your thoughts visible..and then they resonate in so many unthought of ways for all of us…such a delight. Thank you!
    We read about the smoke and air your side of the world..awful..it’s the same here too.

  4. deemallon

    Watched part of yet another post-apocalyptic movie last night. One character looks down from the space station as a poisonous fog covers the earth and says, “because the economy is more important than breathing.”

    The through lines of a life are always interesting. Of course you’re an illustrator! I marvel at the post as a whole as a wonderful example of a compressed memoir. It’s sort’ve all there.

  5. Nancy

    The more things change, the more they stay the same…that old quote, which is true in so many arenas.
    The blaring TV at the VA this morning said NYC air quality this morning was 484, Los Angeles was 15…what a surprise it has been to see the tables so turned. I wouldn’t wish this wildfire smoke on anyone. We finally did have a bit of blue sky and sunshine out there this morning. Yay!

  6. smoke from wildfires
    in Canada
    the illustration in that being how so TRUE ly we are connected,
    interdependent, all One, in all the Beauty Full ways and in
    all the dark.
    one Earth

  7. Kristin F

    Your journey with creating images, telling stories, doing art always has been generously shared with a wide circle. We are truly the gifted beneficiaries of you exploring and creating and sharing. Thanks for all you have done which colors and informs my creative life.
    This illustration is a treasure 💜♥️❤️

  8. Nancy D

    We are indeed what we are…but may I also say, it’s important to love what we are becoming.
    And that calls for integrity and compassion…

  9. Sarita

    So well said.(illustrated)
    A degree in hand does not illustrate intelligence. So many legal degrees & greed have created a mess.
    Artist are prophetic & creative not destructive. You my dear Jude are an Artist. 💖

  10. Susan Hemann

    I saw a photo of New York City in 1969 yesterday. Talk about smog!
    You could not see the skyscrapers.
    Life is a circle

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