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the cloth loom in June. Again.

As it has come, so often, to happen, I say things and then forget.

I have come to the conclusion that I am nowhere near to  Less.  If anything really, my mind has become a big part of the clutter.

I continue with LoomReconsidering that.

Cloth Loom part 1

this is a kind of stray self at this point.


So this one,  another Frame of MindWoven in Place,  and it has been years again since I mentioned its transition.

So shall I say it again?   I am thinking about this one.  I love this one.   Maybe in solidifying this series, I might be reframing  the important concepts in my cloth work in the process.  Anyway...

Another lesson from Considering Weave,  as I try to reconsider weave.  Today , Cloth AS Loom.

It was June of 2014.

And I had another idea for a loom.

A kind of Darning ultimately, patching a hole, but also a way to just weave.  Old cloth supporting new cloth.

Consider the cloth itself as a loom. A Mother for new cloth.

it is nice just like this.


I didn't take this as far as I had imagined.

But the imagining is still there. Quite clearly actually.

I did do some other small experiments, and maybe I will use the day to find them. (laughing)

Here is the audio from back then.


To be continued.  There is a part 2 to this old story.

And also I will continue with this idea in the present.

My goal here as I reconsider Weave, is to review, present the concepts I was Considering and see  where it leads me in the present.  I am in no hurry.  I intend also to  open up some of the advanced cloth weaving concepts that take the techniques from the Cloth 2 Cloth class further.  I will add this video to the Considering Weave playlist on my You Tube channel.


Today, the Smoke from the Canadian Wildfires has reached the Valley here.  Actually last night.  This morning, it is so bad, we need to stay indoors.  Wildfire risk warnings in surrounding states.  Imagine that.

And on this day I end my fast. Slowly.

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  1. Susan Hemann

    love the weaving inside a cloth! Fascinating thank you
    where I live in Ohio the air quality alerts have been off the charts for days! I have had to stay in the house because I have asthma, not something I like to do in the summer
    we haven’t had rain in weeks

  2. I love this cloth in just the way I did in 2021! ❤️
    The weaving window in a cloth…yes 2014…I remember adding one to my ‘comfort cloth’ for Wendy’s kids.
    I tried doing this again in a roundish hole in a piece of leather. It would have been a part of your family pouch, but I couldn’t get it to work. I think you really do need a hoop and I wasn’t too sure about a hoop and leather.
    Anyway, love all of this today.

  3. sharon

    love the soft gradation of color in both the warp ‘n the weft. the metaphor of connection between the already-woven ‘n freshly-woven cloths. the loose threads of thought trailing off. how the white cloth frame makes the new weaving appear to be floating away in time…

  4. deemallon

    The fires. Another sign of terrible change. Do stay inside. Mask if you go out. /-//-// I also remember this process and how much fun it was. When I get home this weekend I’m gonna look for some of the thread weaving that I did. I never managed to incorporate them into a piece.

      • deemallon

        I’m curious about the dangling threads with their stitches extended beyond the woven section. When I went back to the linked post, I tapped to the next day and swooned and something about that house/globe seemed like it holds an answer for a possible next step.

  5. It was a lot of fun to try this during the Cloth 2 Cloth class. I’ve recently been finding some of the things I tried while I’ve been sorting. The wildfires…they are making a different reality for me. Now when I talk to new parents about how frequently we take the children outside I have to talk about air quality in the summer….

  6. Jen

    Ahhhhh….I am considering weave, as well…(oh, the tangled webs we weave— ha.) I’ve gotten as far as the considering part…

    We can’t smell the smoke, but the moonrise and sunsets are VERY Orange 😵‍💫
    So terrible & sad.
    Hope your air clears soon.
    (& the fires are out out!!)

    These days I’m “weaving” & “stitching” (tying together) little bamboo corral fencing to keep the rooting & rototilling armadillos out of my flowers 🤦‍♀️

    Happy UNfasting day!

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