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Frame of Mind

A new frame of mind

Woven in Space Place

There is more here than I might be able to explain, but it is just nice to look at I think. Anyway, in my mind, this one has suddenly become important. A new Frame of Mind.

This was yesterday's post but I never got around to publishing it.


  1. Wendy

    Lovely thought ” woven in place” is. Sometimes the tapestry of life is woven with gentle weaves and at other times it may skip a row or two and leave edges to fray and become rough so that we can go back in and repair with more detail or not a new pattern that is now flowing in our lives. Your piece really spoke to my heart this morning about weaving in the losses that we face in our lives and learning to live with the loss in a new way, yet holding onto the place that has been woven before the loss. Thank you Jude for sharing this wonderful piece.

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