jude hill spirit cloth


Yesterday's self was upside down....these days the stairs are a challenge. We need to challenge ourselves every day in one way or another. It's an exercise.just because I love this picture.

accepting the mystery of change

Today's self is neither here nor there. This is just an old moonfaced beast  base that needed to continue and I just stitched slowly and let it go bit by bit with no goal. In the spirit of becoming, the process was just about how it might go,  and bearing witness. Just in between. The instability of form is on my mind. And then, all the  work here that might be become a base once again. And then, the self as a base.  The history in that.


  1. cednie

    For some reason, I am always a day late… Summer schedule I guess. I love your moon-faced beast expressing little sundrops and standing in whirlwinds of thread.

  2. debgorr

    The picture you love…me too. I stood out in a field of grass yesterday. It was a good place for a deep breath. I thought about the beasts that might be hiding.

    • jude

      Me too, My front yard is a field of grass. There has been no mowing because of all the rain. Gary Groundhog was hiding there.

  3. Sharon Koch

    when this piece is turned upside down, a large blue cat head appears. her legs become her ears, and winds of change are blowin’ thru’ her mind. thoughts are released above her. x

        • Carine

          Indeed. For me, the beast is in contorsion: his body is orientated towards the pas, his face is turning to the now, his tail is heralding the future that looks quite sunny with a huge yellow flower. And all these contorsions are delicately and oh so wisely expressed by the white lines embroidered around him

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