jude hill spirit cloth

to be prepared


Thoughts.  How it might go.

Good or not.  Always there. And how it goes...always a surprise anyway.

springs forth

Do you see the green haze in the distance?  It has begun. I am never quite prepared for the Joy it brings.

Growing dots

We are in prep mode for the Man's eye surgery on Tuesday.  The other cataract surgery. He has a history of eye issues since childhood, so it becomes a bit more complicated.  I will drive and stay and wait and drive back.  I have prepared some cloth work to pass the time.

Way back in Considering Weave I considered weave as stitchWeave stitching.  The dots on The Grow Cloth, the seeds that gather along the red line/ basket's edge, I will reconsider the woven dot there, slow work.  I started where I left off and I am prepared to take it a bit further.

Weave Stitching.

I will add it to the glossary soon.

This technique will be very important going forward.

I have some expectations about how important.

I guess we'll see.

So I will be swept away again now... see you later.

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  1. Nancy B

    Jude it’s always a niggle, a gnawing worry, eye surgery is so invasive and fragile but skilled wonderful experts are knowledgeable and empowered, in them we trust, so should you

  2. Judith

    Thinking very good thoughts for the eye surgery. Something went wrong when i had mine done and it took 9 months to heal. Everyone else I know had almost immediate wonderful vision.

  3. Rae Fuller

    Love this technique! Fun to see Jude teaching a bit of stitching!
    And sending love and healing to the Man for his surgery. Hope he sails through it.

  4. sharon

    love the velvety ground cover ‘n eyes on the tree trunk… imagining a fish-shaped patch with this method for my husband’s pants. looks well-anchored. maybe with wool yarn! safe travels!

  5. Ah, eye surgery…wishing him the very, very best! I was supposed to do that surgery in January. Maybe Fall now. I hope he has an easy recovery with great results.
    I remember warping a hole and weaving that on a cloth. I tried to do that again recently on leather. It was a no go though. This way may work better for the leather. Thanks.

    • jude

      it is usually a rather quick recovery, he had crossed eyes as a child, so who knows?
      I never really worked with leather, harder to stitch through and I don’t have any! ha!

  6. Susan

    Sending positive energy and thoughts to the Man.

    I love your “anchored” weaving, definitely more durable. I’ve been weaving most of my life, I could not exist without it.

  7. Joan Hinchcliff

    What a wonderful way to get the woven appearance with such an ease of handling…another why didn’t I think if that moment!
    Healing thoughts for the Man’s eye surgery.

  8. Susan Crowley

    Wishing the Man all the best! Thanks for always being enlightening. I love the green haze, too, and always watch for it. It is always astonishing!

  9. Sharan

    Blessings on the Man’s surgery and healing ❤️‍🩹 Your weaving process is brilliant and I can’t wait to try it! The red floss you’re using is so luscious – is there any chance you would share it’s source if you know?

  10. Jen

    Best of luck for the Man’s eye surgery! Sending Healing Thoughts!
    Love the needle weaving technique, lots of ideas!
    Hurray for the haze of green! Spring!! Wheeee!

  11. Jana Jopson

    Such ingenuity! So enjoyable to watch and listen. Cat-tail in photo.😉 Spring froth makes the heart sing!

    May all go incredibly smoothly on Tuesday.

  12. The woven dot looks great. I did some needle weaving once but I didn’t like how the thickly packed threads looked or felt. I didn’t even think about spacing them out. Light bulb moment! Good luck with the Man’s surgery.

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