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Big rain, small dreams

Big Rain.  Coudn't get enough of it.  I was outside when it started I love that.  The change in the air, the heaviness of it. The sound from a distance, the smell.  The rumble. A few drops, then run for cover, or in this case not.  And then the steadiness of it.  How quickly the cloth on my back became soaked.  I need to dye some more indigo thread because it was in my pocket and I used it all to tie the tall flowers to the tall stakes right before the downpour.  And this continued all day.  All day.big rain


a small cloth

Earth Hope

Earth Hope, another cabin.  On the porch listening to rain.

a little thought catching

notes while going

Then wait a bit.

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    • jude

      Hey you! I know what you mean, drought and wildfire warnings, here in New York!

      I guess we always have hope, dreams seem built in somehow. An interesting part of human nature.

  1. Peggy McG

    Rain… so quenching when so drenching! Glad you are getting some. I am in MN and rain is Needed! We are experiencing heavy smoke from Ontario. I have been enjoying your weaving!

    • Vi

      Rain..feels cool just looking at your pic..Yes..here,waiting for the monsoons to come…soon enough i hope.
      Your earth cabin…just quietens something down…each piece added on just makes it all feel so whole and like the pieces have found a home altogether for a long , long time…

  2. sharon

    love all the cabins, but THIS… feels like a cozy cob house, with a large earthen heart(h)… a loom in the corner ‘n weavings on the wall. a 70s vibe. small dreams grow gently…

  3. Love your Poem and Earth Cloth and RAIN…the freedom of being out and going back in when ready…and I love, love coming here this morning where a very real person (you)…well, and ‘people’ (ragmates commenting) reside.
    Real, good life. Thank you for the feels goods this morning.

      • Margaret Sears

        One of my favorite childhood memories is walking home for several miles in the rain, when my expected ride didn’t turn up. When I was nearly home my shoes were so soaked, I took them off and walked barefoot through the mud puddles. It was an exquisite feeling.

      • I don’t know, but our first vacation together, Santa Barbara, CA…it poured. We walked all up and down State Street…darting in and out of the shops and laughing. Such a good memory – the fun of it, of not letting the rain stop us. 🙂

  4. Nancy D

    Rain! Nothing more cleansing and renewing than a Springsummer Rain! Breathe it in, feel its healing wash over you and the Earth, sharing that renewal! Lovely earthen cloth, Jude.

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