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To be going

Three important things. But actually many more.

I really like how these three things... they all seem to say something about continuing.  The moon, weaving, waves.   And the stray selves,  they are is just me here, looking.

I will try to clean the basement, use it for a weaving place.  Maybe use the big old loom. We got rid of the mice. Caught them.  Took them across the river because they kept coming back.  We could tell because we marked them.  Found and plugged all the holes.  Seems good now.  Needs a window though.  Maybe.

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  1. Hi Jude

    I am always glad to find that you are still here. That you are still going on.
    This blog world is thinning, I think. I am glad that so many people find your blog and comment here. There is a community here.


    • jude

      I considered not being here. But really yes, some quiet place to gather has become something to consider, it IS important…

  2. Judith

    Looking forward to the loom. No mice here in this multi-cat home but we used to mark snails with dots of nail polish and toss them across the yard. Took them three days to return. cheap amusement….

  3. Marilee

    Back when I had a dog he suddenly stopped eating the kibble he’d loved for 7-8 years. He’d just stand there and look at the bowl and then at me. I poured some broth on it and still he didn’t eat, so I thought he was just “off his feed” and sauteed up some ground beef and day-old rice, carrots and peas, which he gobbled down. Next day a fresh bowl of kibbles went untouched. Didn’t waste the broth this time, just cooked up some ground chicken and veggies and they disappeared in a flash. This went on for about a week, so I finally dumped the bag of kibbles, thinking he maybe just didn’t like them anymore, although it did look like he’d eaten small amount out of each bowl. However, it was no problem to cook up fresh meat, so I continued that. One day my sis (we share a house together) was changing the filter in the nearby heater and noticed piles of kibble back along the edge. MICE! We had a pest controller in to plug up holes and eliminate a nest under the house and eventually the kibbles resumed to be his food of choice. Probably much more appealing when it didn’t smell like mice had crawled all over it. Then one day, a year or so later my sis was cleaning out the coat closet and found a small pile of kibbles that had been stashed there. Had the mice returned? After checking the areas where we’d found kibbles stored before, we decided the closet cache was from the first mouse. It’s been almost 10 years and no more mice in the house, hopefully.

  4. kirsten

    i was using one of those live traps and found out that you needed to release mice at least a mile away or they will find their way back to your house. Raccoons need 35 miles (my rental house had 7 living in the attic). they climbed the back stairs to get up to their house. i saw one of them one morning doing so!!

    the other trick is not to load the trap with lots of food. they know how to get the food without springing the trap or get out of the so-called live traps.

    can hardly wait to see your loom! i am so tempted at times to get another large loom.

  5. Maybe it is not really this, but I am reminded of the book The Three Questions…
    ““Remember then, that there is only one important time, and that time is
    now. The most important one is always the one you are with. And the most
    important thing is to do good for the one whom standing at your side.”
    For these, my dear boy, are the answers to what is most important in this world.”

    I am thinking that it can be far more simple than we expect it to be. Maybe that simplicity is the connection for me here. I love the deep simplicity of this image of three. ❤️

  6. I imagine the weaving as holding the pattern or height of the waves through the thickness of the black and white.

    The loom might feel joy to be able to bond with you again. I imagine something similar with my suppor spindles. Using the word center: I never did well with art or even video games that had a sandbox style, I always wanted and NEEDED direction. Forest centering is different; no direction is needed.

    • jude

      I am reaching way deep to understand this new sense of peace. Rocking, spinning, reaching. Direction as some sort of rhythm. Going but not anywhere .

  7. deemallon

    I’m very impressed you managed to eradicate the mice. They just seem a part of my basement space. They love to nest in bins of fabric!

    • jude

      yes they do.
      They were coming in from the crawl space and we found the hole in a closet down there. sprayed a lot of peppermint and seal all the cracks. But then we realized they were also coming in under the garage door so we put a new rubber seal. And then there were a few in the attic, we actually put a web cam up there and we would get an alarm when they got into the trap. we caught 6 coming up through a channel in the siding, blocked that. so we will see. Using Grandpa Guss”s mouse repellent pouches, So far so good, but really you gotta find their doorways. Also spreading lime around the base of the house works wonders as well.

  8. sharon

    simple is good. basement space. imagining the big old loom being useful again. just seeeeeeing the three together this morning is hugely energizing… ‘scuse me while i go do a happy dance!

  9. Thank you for always share your creative path and how you trust in it. The connection to life, art, and our creative spirits that are always processing through, leaving a thread to show the way.

  10. Nancy D

    You marked the mice?!
    Ya know, I think mice can swim…and why wouldn’t they want to live in your artists’ haven…🌝

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