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Rescue, recycle, Rebuild

Cloth. To Cloth.

Or maybe cloth into cloth.

The box loom. And a nine patch.

There are certainly enough cardboard boxes to work with.  I have come to look at packaging in a new way.  Kindling.  Ways to control weeds.  Support for cloth building. Look at this box. Something breakable came in it,  so ingeniously designed,  strong, stands up to so much weight and abuse.  There was an idea here. And the form,  Origami  really. ( video in this post,  about the box loom, in case you missed it)

the need for more tension. While building more surface. The strips too small to tie around. Or I could have just stitched them as I went.

And pushpins, who doesn't have a basket of those?  The warp here, the original 3, were tied around the box, bows in the back.  Then I kept going, used the pins to hold the loose strips in place so I could take a few stitches through them, to hold the web.  Momentarily thinking, well I could just leave it like this.  The poetry of process is not always romantic. Still a form in itself.

a new piece of cloth woven from leftovers.  A path? A base?  Art with an idea behind it? There is still a nine patch in there.

But really, my concept here was not to create art.  It was to build or rebuild cloth.  Patchwork, really, in perspective.  Now useful in many ways. And beautiful.  Beauty is also a concept.  An idea.

There was a variation here.  I cut into one of the main warp strips, splitting it, and wove into it as two strips.  Can you find that?  That's another idea, cutting into, couldn't do that if it was thread.   Next time I will do a video.

garden in April.

Been busy with Seed to Seed, and thinking a lot about Dust to Dust.


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  1. Valerie O

    I was so happy to see that Velma commented on your opening statement to this post. Such wisdom in what you say. I would like to say that I think it is much more than « a lot »; In fact it has EVERYTHING to do with living the creative life. The abstract artist Mark Rothko said,
    « There is no such thing as a good painting about nothing »

    • jude

      I can’t help trying to imagine that first moment when someone, who ever it was, asked what if I put this paint on a surface and try to say something?

    • jude

      Garden got an early start but it is quite cold. Lettuce and garlic are happy tho.
      Weaving can happen in so many ways. Today I was training grapevines.

  2. Anne Williams

    I saw a definition of an adult as someone who keeps a cardboard box because it could be useful. This makes me very grown up!

  3. Belinda Toby

    Boxes are so interesting. We always comment on the construction and are amazed and find it hard to part with them.
    Neat loom.🥰

  4. deanna7trees

    My garage holds many empty boxes and I always find some use for them. Just resurrected an old greenhouse and started out with a layer of boxes for the floor. Those fancy origami like boxes are great for covering with fabric.

  5. sharon

    yeah, considering packaging boxes in a whole new light! and lids! (space for fingers to move beneath the warp ‘n also space for a weaving cartoon!) so much joy in repurposing! love the cut warp strip variation. imagining a 3-way cut weft strip…

  6. Nancy D

    Brilliant. So many ways to eliminate/ lessen waste…taking a “negative” and making a positive. I will want to teach this to my youngest grandson. He’s the hands-on Nature guy! Perhaps a great Earth Day focus…
    As always, thank you for this!

  7. Velma Bolyard

    “The thought behind something has a lot to do with it’s potential to speak and generate new form.” this seems to be design 101 in terms of all kinds of human making. thanks for this.

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