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Cloth to Cloth to Cloth

6:30 AM

Already 65 degrees. They say today will break a record.  And the second day in a row, Red Flag (fire alert).  In the Hudson Valley here in New York.

never just one thing.  weave it together.

The avocado pits have been soaking for months, water from the stream, a bit of soda ash.  Like blood.  I will try to dye soon.  I gathered a few loose puzzle pieces. For an Extended Nine patch.  We are ready for a very warm April Day.

Cloth Weaving, so close to my heart, is a big part of my weaving journey.  So many of you in the community have been ragmates since way back then.  I want to continue from  the Cloth to Cloth class  which is now listed under the free and open section on this site if you are not familiar,  and add  more of the journey here from the Advanced workshop since it  relates to makeshift loom weaving.  Since we are talking about looms.  I am paving the way  for this approach to expand.  Things have been brewing for a while now in the quiet of my mind.

Weaving Cloth Strips

This is an excerpt from  advanced cloth to cloth, 21st Century rags/ Contemporary Woven Boro, which is no longer offered in the shop and has a lot of unlisted material that I would like to review as I reconsider weave...

Cloth weaving really pleases me as a crossover between weaving and sewing.

And cloth weaving can be easy on old eyes and hands.



Cloth Weaving under tension then.

PDF for full lesson below:


Yesterday, while tidying the garden place, I  picked up the pile of old loose ties from last season and washed them. Tea Tree Oil Soap because it smells great and seems to work on mildew.

weave mother


They are less musty and dry now.   Some of them I will use again. Some of them, no longer strong enough after sun and weather wear,  might be used for weaving.

I did stay outside in the garden all day.  And the day before. I was aching, but I remembered Dad saying the best thing for sore muscles is to do it again. And again. While you can,

I feel better.  So off I go again,  before the heat sets in.

Gosh it feels good to be free again.

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  1. deanna7trees

    Oh…do I dare start another weaving. I just pulled out some small weavings done with you years ago. I might not be able to resist doing some more.

  2. I need to go see if the avocado pits that I am soaking are still a possibility. They have been out in the porch. I put a bit of tinfoil in with them. Last time I looked it was very red. I think it’s a good reminder that it can be slow.

    Love the strips of fabric hanging in the sun…more lines.

    • jude

      I really don’t love pink too much and always hope for red when I see the color emerge bit I know it will be pink. It is a nice dusty color though. sometimes I over dye it. Slow fits more these days. and small.

      Was thinking how weaving is like building cloth with lines.

  3. My Daddy gave me the same advice about sore muscles! He was right…about that and so many things.
    Your revisiting weave is a joy to me. I was in some earlier classes, but as time moves on, our relationships with process and material change. I’m ready to pull out some of the pieces I made before and contemplate them now in a different way.

    • jude

      yes things change so so much. Can’t wait to find out how. I have been thinking about older age and how sometimes that takes the form of trying to hold on to what was instead of letting things unfold.

  4. Marilee

    The ties hanging to dry look like an art installation. Especially with that distinctive Hudson River Valley light shining through. I bet a painter would love to paint that scene.

  5. sharon

    ooooooH… imagining compound weaves… maybe a twill pattern… hand-dyed yarn to stitch it together… creating “holes” for tiny weaving or mending… the abstract adventure of odd-shaped weft strips… or spirals… so cool how the sun softens fabric… looooove where this is going!

    • jude

      The man here actually wrote a cloth weaving software for me for this class way back but it was in flash and cannot run any longer. So I am gathering other ways…

  6. Cannot even express how excited I am that you are “paving the way” … again …. ! Thoroughly enjoyed the video link & pdf, thank you.
    With a bit of luck I may be (finally) out in the garden today – quite the looonnng, cold, wet & grey spring so far (there’s an annual Tulip Festival happening in the next county over & there’s nary a tulip in bloom yet – fields are nothing but a sea of green still!!)

  7. amaranda de jong

    Loving your “Tibetan prayer ” clothes horse Jude ! I was out in the garden for the first time this year also, heaven to feel the sun on ones back .(Don’t over do it I always do hahaha)

  8. Liz A

    great picture of the sunlight shining through your strips of cloth … I’m a huge fan of wooden drying racks (mine are 30 years old and still going strong)

  9. Cj

    A remembered video and still have some woven pieces from past viewing. Quilt as you go is the berries! Missing gardening aches, they are bees knees! 😉🐝 Off to find a lid or maybe a tiny tin!

  10. Laurie

    Cloth to cloth is my favorite of your techniques. It brings me to a flow state like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. I really must get back to it somehow.

  11. Jen

    Love the idea of weaving w your garden ties! And yes, working out those muscle kinks w another glorious day of gardening is just the ticket! ☺️
    ( Good to review the vid, too!)

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