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It will be close to 90 here today.  April. Not normal.

The cloth I call grow, back on the rpund porch table. I will work here now, and Soul-o will hide in it's shade

So I say it again to myself.

Patchwork, it is all that, in perspective.  Now more broadly.  In terms of the creative act. Yes it is a jumble of pieces,  but the order comes from us.  With our intention of holding it together.  In some way.  To be able to say.   How it seems. How order might spring from chaos.  Through our thinking self.   ( then she says to herself, natural order is chaos while others might be saying natural chaos is order.)

a new extended nine patch, already a personal symbol

A new extended nine patch, paperless piecing style.  Already has me thinking. I like, here, how... well the extensions brought it to life.  It reaches into nothing.

an old photo, when my photos were smaller in format for fear of folks stealing them, because I was warned about that. Funny how we conform to fear.

Way back, 2011, when I began weaving garden ties.  Squares of Wear was what I called them.  Woven foundation style,  before I asked myself about loom.  You don't need a loom if you can imagine yourself as one.

Let the thought of that stand.

gentle holding. I might call it "All things fall apart" for now.

This morning... No Loom. What ifJust for the hell of it.   A loose woven patch. Holding.

This morning I also asked myself...

What if there was No Blog?   It's a kind of loom.  A structuring.  Could I still weave it all together?  Would it hold?

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  1. deemallon

    86 outside of Boston. Yikes.

    I think about giving up blogging ALL THE TIME. I’ve just come to the conclusion that it’s part of the process, this wanting to walk away.

    But like Grace, I find the idea of YOU walking away triggering.

    • jude

      part of the process yes, even giving up is that for a moment. Maybe we don’t look at process a big enough, the thread still continues.I am not thinking of not going, I am reconsidering a change in direction. Among zillions of other things.

  2. I was just saying to J. how much blogging (my own and all of the others in the circle) has changed and shaped me over the last many years. And I wonder how I would have evolved without this mode of sharing and considering and gathering information and inspiration. Of course I will never truly know, but I am convinced that this world has contributed to me growing in wonderful ways, dare I say even becoming a ‘better’ (whatever that means) person. I am grateful.

  3. Fumiko Wellington

    My birthday is 070254. There is a wonderful book by the Swiss clown, Dmitri,, called “der Schlaufenclown.” It’s all about loops and nines.

  4. Marti

    I have always felt that landscape is a natural form of patchwork, especially when seen from a plane. I’ve realized that all of my cloth work is about patchwork landscape and how I use pieces of naturally dyed cloths to recreate my heart’s vision of the land. In doing so, I am also a weaver for I weave stories and experiences from these lands into each cloth…

  5. Judith

    8 + 1. A loom of life. Many experiences woven together. Not sewing much anymore due to arthritis but love seeing it through your blog.

  6. Glennis

    only 61 here today and only for a bit. Most of the days this week the same. I read yesterday that March was the 4th coldest ever here in CA and it’s continuing into April. When you said 90 there-wow!
    Be the warp or be the weft…we choose.

  7. I posted pages on the Internet before there were “blogs”. 1998, I think. I posted one page a day. At the end of the month, I made an index page linking (weaving) them all together. Looking back, it seems unbelievable how simple it was vs how complex it is now.

  8. sharon

    this 2011 square of wear is pure poetry. going to rip up cloth in strips today ‘n hang them ’round the garden. bury some in the earth. let others sit in jars of avocado pits in water… excited!

  9. Cindy Owings

    I am 77! I stitch everyday or work on some other art forms in my studio! 77 ways to entertain my hearts desire! I find your explorations so inspiring! Thank you!

  10. Jen

    Almost 90!???!
    That’s just crazy talk!!
    Maybe 70 here today with an almost tropical storm here on the Gulf Coast, we have high winds, FL ridiculous amounts of rain.
    I need to hurry and finish my costuming, I’m itchin’ to weave…self as loom, Ah!

  11. Jan Stevenson

    How it is okay to wander away from the literal loom, if you carry the loom in your mind and body. Personally, I don’t like being called back to work by anyone else…I have to listen to what the weave itself needs, and I have never sat at the kind of loom you are familiar with, Jude. (either the floor loom or the blog). I am, however, a weaver in all that I do.

  12. megan

    I find your wandering, wondering words helpful and inspiring and a reminder to wander and wonder aloud more frequently. And to loosen up yes! I am 60. 6+0=6. Upside down 9, I guess. In time, it will right itself to a 9 if I’m so lucky. I hope you find a way to write or speak as you do here. I feel less lonely in this small corner of this community you have inspired and cultivated.

  13. I think it comes back a lot to why we make? As I come up on my 100th day of the project I set for myself, I am thinking about this a lot. I hope to spend some time this weekend sorting through my thoughts about this. Thinking about gathering and baskets too. 🙂

  14. June Etta

    Sorry, my comment was addressed to something else you wrote , Jude, which I no longer see. It does not apply to this page, I now see. I am grateful for all the shared teachings and wisdom you have shared over the years, and when the time comes that there is no more blog, your many-faceted beauty will still always be alive in me, and in many others.

  15. Sarita

    80 is not normal in April! Back to 30s @ night next week.
    Loose & playful is how I like to approach my creativity. The “just going” as you say. A need to Play for me like breathing. No matter if it results in something others like or find meaning in.
    I do try to filter thoughts that pops in to my head tho, some people don’t always get me! 🤭
    Thinking of weaving encaustic printed papers…thanks for sharing!

  16. June Etta

    I am 81, and 8+1 =9, as well. I may be unfolding more slowly than most. It’s only about a year now thatI have been speaking up more easily for myself, and feeling more sure of myself and stand strongly in my own power. Hooray for us, better later than never.

  17. Jean Stumpf

    I don’t want to imagine “no blog.” Thank you for letting me put my thought on record. And thank you for your beautiful offerings.

  18. Jana Jopson

    Gosh…reminds me of a story I read once upon a time about a weaver and her loom that wove stories that unfolded out in the world. What if…

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