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Just to weave

After what turned into many questions yesterday, I just settled in.  89 degrees on the porch.  Day dreaming.  I warped the bead loomAgainNine threads. Maybe a little magic will help, I thought.


imagine weaving a magic border for the center of a large cloth

still standing

old thread

agedSo , with the thought of making a video of this simple process, I continued without doing that, imagining what I might say as I went, talking in my mind.  Noticing even, that my methods really depend on the day.    And then marveling on how much you can teach yourself if you take the time.  And then,  how personal preference might just lead you to a simpler and more primitive approach,  because holding can be quite simple. And maybe you just need that.  Have a good weekend folks. I have a lot to think about.

a tiny magic path

maybe the magic is in the balance between appearing and disappearing.

For Now, here is a simple beginning video from Considering Weave.  My intention was not to "teach" weaving but really just to show some of the ways I go about it.   This is how I taught the kids over here at the library.  I will show some other more sophisticated approaches as I move forward. Just like sewing, don't pull too tightly or the width will be distorted.  More about that later.

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  1. Primitive and simple is my favorite almost every time. I have problems with my warp showing, even if I beat the threads down or use thick weft threads, sometimes. Giving it dirty looks doesn’t help so I will take some time and find something new to me that works. : )

    • jude

      it is usually the relationship to the spacing and the size of warp and fill, and then sometimes the twist of the materials. that balance always interests me.

  2. sharon

    i think of teaching/learning as exploration. asking our own questions. it may involve following another’s footsteps up to a point, then veering off, making our own trail. i disappeared down a cloth-2-cloth bunny trail this morning. bliss.

  3. Pam S.

    Thank you Jude for your lessons! I like rewatching the videos… I’m storing all your useful tips in weaving for when I get a chance to try my hand at some small weaving. 💙

  4. Dhyana

    I have miles of #5 perle cotton so I am using it along with special threads I got from Stef Francis. I love these materials, and the fun of learning how to weave ! My little life seems enchanted since I’ve met you, jude. Thank you so much. It’s bliss to have my mind occupied with making.

  5. Helen Lee

    Love watching your hands weave…. the confidence brought on by the experience of doing…so good. I used to have a bead loom…no idea what happened to it! I shall look out for another.
    Enjoy your weekend. Hope the Man’s eye is healing well.

  6. Glennis

    teaching by just doing, exampling it. being a jump-off point. when i teach i show only how (I) do it. not how it must be done. there are so many ways, paths to wander.
    love that old bead loom. in HS i had one my dad had used. no idea where it ended up…

  7. Jana Jopson

    “…the balance between appearing and disappearing.” As I watched the finger-weaving video, I noticed how the threads appear and disappear; on top, and then underneath. And the doing of that makes a pattern. My thoughts then did a hyper-leap into the beyond with that one (smile). Really enjoying these small weavings. Using a basket for a loom. Thanks.

  8. Teaching, it’s a complicated thing sometimes. It is certainly instruction on how to do something but for me it is also a willingness to share who we are, how we see the world. And then everything is a learning opportunity…. But I don’t think we need to show up everywhere. Disappearing from one place means being present somewhere else. 🙂 Have a great weekend with Bruno!

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