jude hill spirit cloth

Just Quilting

Feeling a bit lost from here, I find myself on the edge of

A Nest of Days.

using a lot of the indigo thread I dyed over the winter.

Just quilting.  In a way that reminds me of weaving.

slow but getting there.

quilting can be simple

magnolia in transition.

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  1. carroleb

    Beautiful hand stitching, beautiful petals.
    Thinking about weaving, and suddenly my basketry came back, a weaving of another sort, now waiting for the dandelions to weave and to dye….hmm

  2. Cj

    My other had a horrible sinus upheavel last year, polps don’t help and a neighbor said “ever try making magnolia petal honey or tea?” I had him chew a petal and to his dismay, he felt results! 🌱🌸

  3. sharon

    love the overlay of basket-weave quilting stitches above the woven plaid backing. and the layer of blossoms over the pattern of dappled light. and the green-eyed face smiling from the bottom of the pic…

  4. Barbara I

    Comforts me just gazing at the photo Jude..The folds, the textures , the signs 🪧 of love and touch & care. Needed that just now. Thank you❤️.

  5. Jana Jopson

    Just the sight of your handmade stitches and soft cloth pieces, even without touching, is so soothing to me. Beauty. You are adding beauty to the world. Thanks, I needed that (wink/smile)!

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