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So it is Spring and I have weaving on my mind.

porch days have returned

I wake up and I stretch and say weave out loud. Start my day.  With weave as my filter. A filter can be a layer that is thin enough to sort thoughts.  But not keep you from seeing or moving through your day. For me a filter is a way to simplify vision by  separating some of the eyes that have gathered over time and perhaps facilitate the formation of new ones.

learning to fly, there are 9 eyes here

This one was a good start, simply because it lightened me.  Gave me time to consider how soft  a beginning might be.  I mostly love how the warp, the thing that stands, and the loose ends of the weft, the threads that move through, well they became reversed. That the loose ends became legs, the standing part, and that they did not weight her down but supported her when she tried to take off.   There are other things too but that,  what we stand on and for,  I reconsidered that when I woke up at 3 AM, thinking about how we teach. I added the wing last, it was the result of the evolution.

Probably I will be outside in the garden today, probably all day.  Reconsidering can be done anywhere. Maybe it is best not to hurry.

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  1. Sarita

    Delightfully light hearted. What a wonderful creation/gift to meet the day with. Hope your time in the garden today felt as fluid & unstoppable. 💖

  2. Debra A Price Agrums Sposa

    I am a weaver too Jude. I received my first potholder loom at age 5 and have been weaving off and on ever since. I so get what you are feeling! It’s the best! xoxoxo

  3. Gillian

    I am descended from refugee Huguenot silk weavers. They fled from France to London’s East End during the Great persecution. I have never learned to weave but there are times when the need and desire to learn overwhelms me. Is it in my DNA or to honour my ancestors. Whatever, its embedded in my soul and will require fulfillment. Presently, I am slow piecing, slow stitching a scrap quilt. Cloth, in some form, is where the ❤ is…

  4. June-Etta Chenard

    I love this piece, Jude, and the look on her/your face — that little Mona Lisa smile. <3 Fly, fly, dear weaver.

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